Damaging Storms Reported Heading Northeast
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Damaging Storms Reported Heading Northeast


PENNSYLVANIA — August 17, 2018

There were 75 damaging storm reports on Thursday, with tornadoes reported in Illinois, Kansas, and Iowa.

According to the forecaster, radar estimates show more than 5 inches of rain fell just south of Tulsa, Oklahoma, over just a few hours, flooding streets and stalling cars.

Strong winds — with gusts of 60 to 70 mph — damaged Kansas partly and Alabama, where a tent collapsed and injured a dozen folks. Trees were uprooted throughout the Plains and Midwest.

There are 19 injured after the trees fell on people, tore off roofs of shops and were crushed with the car.

It is known that the storm is moving east this morning, near the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes.

The strong to severe storms are expected later this afternoon throughout the Northeast, from Pennsylvania all the way to Vermont. Damaging wind, hail and isolated tornadoes are all possible.

By Saturday, the cold front likely will make its way to the coast, continuing the threat of heavy rain and storms from Washington up to Boston.

It is also possible to flash flooding is several regions over the next 48 hours, with more than 3 inches possible locally.

Author: USA Really