Chris Watts' Wife Confessed Her Love Saying He's "The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me" and Then He Killed Her
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Chris Watts' Wife Confessed Her Love Saying He's "The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me" and Then He Killed Her

Facebook/Shanann Watts

DENVER, CO — August 17, 2018

A pregnant woman shared a full of love video saying her husband is "the best thing that ever happened to her" shortly before he murdered her and their kids.

Shanann Watts, 34, posted a video on Facebook. She called her husband "my ROCK!" and said he was "the best dad us girls could ask for."

She confessed, "I got a friend request from Chris on Facebook and I was like, ‘Oh, what the heck, I’m never going to meet him."

"I accept, one thing led to another and eight years later we have two kids, we live in Colorado and he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Shanann's and her children's bodies were found Wednesday afternoon on property owned by Anadarko Petroleum, one of the state's largest oil and gas drillers, where Christopher Watts worked, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

"This is absolutely the worst possible outcome that anyone could imagine," John Camper, director for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, told a press conference. "As horrible as this outcome is, our role now is to do everything we can to determine exactly what occurred."

Before confessing to the murders, Watts appeared on TV to speak about his missing children.

"When I came home and then walked in the house, nothing. Vanished. Nothing was here," he said with honest eyes. "My kids are my life. I mean, those smiles light up my life."

He then said that he saw his two girls on the baby monitor before he left the house. He said he texted his wife numerous times but didn't receive any response, which seemed odd to him.

At around midday, he allegedly checked the entrance camera and saw that a friend had stopped by but no one opened the door. Watts said he rushed home but no one was there, even though Shanann's car was in the driveway.

He then called to police and reported them as missing at 1.40pm.

Watts said: "When I got home yesterday, it was like a ghost town."

Now the police are remaining tight-lipped about the cause of death and whether the children were still alive when Shanann was killed. It is unclear also what prompted Watts' confession but it is known he led officers to Shanann's body.

Shanann's relatives revealed she was pregnant with a baby boy who they were going to name Nico.

Watts, who is being held without bail, is expected to be formally charged by Monday with three counts of murder and three counts of tampering with evidence.

His attorney, James Merson, with the Colorado State Public Defender's Office, left the hearing without commenting to reporters and did not respond to a voicemail left at his office Thursday by The Associated Press.

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