Marijuana Will Enter Your Home Soon
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Marijuana Will Enter Your Home Soon


USA - May 29, 2018

The huge drug horror was shown continued Monday in Brooklyn. Several people stumbled and collapsed near Ralph Ave after drug overdose.

Five of them hospitalized in serious condition to the hospital from 1380 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights.

This case told by Mike Yahya, 59, who manages the Mash Gourmet Deli on Eastern Parkway and Ralph Ave.

"Near my store people were laying down over," Yahya said, pointing across the street. "They were out of themselves. They didn't know what they were doing ... They're from the shelter. They always come."

The witnesses told that it was not first incident. Some people with overdose came from the Renaissance Shelter at Ralph Ave. and Lincoln Place.

Hector Leonard, who lives across the street on Eastern Parkway, described: "I see people acting incoherently. Guys were vomiting over one another. ... Guys are in the median rolling."

One more mass overdose with the participation 30 people took place outside the Big Boy Deli on Myrtle Avenue and Broadway.

The police trying to find the source of the synthetic drug K2 who brought it into Brooklyn. Cops have made already 15 arrests, including Jasmine Alicia alleged dealer, who was spotted selling K2 to the victims.

Alicia denied selling the drugs when she was led to the 83rd Precinct station house.

"No I didn't," she said, "My arrest is a "big mistake."

Now the police decide her fate.

"K2 is a dangerous, deadly drug, but this strain is especially threatening," said NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan.

The city Health Department had fixed the outbreak -- the largest since a three-day one in 2016 -- is clustered in Brooklyn and centering in Bushwick-Williamsburg. Cases have also been reported in Bedford-Stuyvesant and East New York.


For last week the police have received data to 21 overdoses on Fulton St. at Alabama Ave. in Cypress Hills, two on Van Sinderen Ave. near Blake Ave. in Brownsville, and four outside the Atlantic House Men's Shelter on Atlantic Ave. in Brownsville.

Ray Powell, 43, Benjamin Hudgins, 25, and Keon Primus, 30, were detained in Brooklyn on Monday, 21, with criminal sale of a controlled substance, police said.

Jorge Rosario, 24, Angel Iglesias, 27, and Kareem Lee-Chianese, 19, were charged with criminal possession of marijuana.

The drugs are packaged over the brands "Scooby Snax Potpourri". The words "Barely Legal," with a cartoon drawing of a woman's upper body, is printed on others.

Now there are 87 people else who have fallen ill after using the Maryjane across several neighborhoods in north Brooklyn.

None of the overdoses have been fatal. Police also said that two mixtures of the drug have been identified in the latest outbreak. One of those as a result, 5 Flouro ADB, has been blamed for a death in Japan.

Those time Marijuana legalization in New York is getting lit with support from elected officials, and one state senator believes it could become reality by 2019.


Several versions of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act sponsored by state Sen. Liz Krueger have circulated in the Senate since 2013, but never got any sizable attention.

Massachusetts plans to start sales of the Maryjane this fall. On Sunday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he would order the police stopped making marijuana-related arrests, and issue violators summonses instead.

Some analysts believe legalizing marijuana will bring to the state income in the amount of $1.3 billion annually at the state and city levels.

But is it worth the health of people? It's a pity, but the question remains open.

"When a person smokes marijuana, THC quickly passes from the lungs into the blood. The blood inflicts attack the chemical to the brain and other organs throughout the body." said specialists from New Zealand about American incidents."Also, it use may have a wide mental and physical negative effects. For example, breathing problems, increased heart rate, intense nausea and vomiting. Among the mental effects stands out temporary paranoia and hallucinations, etc."

The scientists continue to explore to find out marijuana has similar health risks as secondhand tobacco smoke.

Few earlier state Manhattan Sen. Liz Krueger said that cannabis is less dangerous to health than the same alcohol.

While some States in America are discussing the legalization of marijuana, Brooklyn's police urge the community to call Crimestoppers if they have any information related to K2, whether it is individual selling on the streets or stores selling the drug.

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