Don’t Mess With Servers
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Don’t Mess With Servers


USA — August 20, 2018

We’ve all heard stories about how rough the young and pretty blond-haired waitresses from Oktoberfest can be when it comes to the inappropriate behavior of their customers.

When people are being served at a restaurant or bar they should follow the rules, and keep their hands to themselves: even if what’s happening around them is really hot, and they feel the urge to contribute something to this holiday of sin. No. Never-ever get handsy. The consequences might be more severe than you anticipated.

An example proving the eternal truth of this axiom comes from New Orleans, Louisiana. A man sitting at a barstool was just about to enjoy his cocktail, when another man nearby decided to spank the waitress at she walked by to bring the first man a cocktail. A very, very bad idea. The reaction of the waitress was plain and straight: she immediately began pummeling the abuser, and did it as swift and hard as a UFC fighter.

The security of the club, Spirits of Bourbon, then threw the abuser out. And as for the waitress, she continued working as if nothing happened, serving the man at the bar-stool his cocktail. A true professional might sometimes lose their cool, but they nonetheless remain professional.


Author: USA Really