Crew members of "Gravesend" TV show saved a teen hit by a SUV in New York City
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Crew members of "Gravesend" TV show saved a teen hit by a SUV in New York City


A crew and cast of “Gravesend” TV series reportedly saved a teen hit by a minivan in New York City.

The filmmakers said that the situation was “chaos” as they rushed to save a 14-year-old teen a block away from where they were filming.

According to the reports, the incident unfolded on Monday, in Brooklyn, when a woman lost control of her car and struck another car before veering on the sidewalk where it ran into a kid.

"My producer, Michele Francesko, she grabbed me and said there's a kid underneath the car, and all of the sudden it was chaos," William DeMeo, a filmmaker and actor on the show, told the station. "We heard the boy screaming, and we'd seen his leg kicking, his leg was visible." 

The members of the TV team were caught on surveillance camera moving the car off the teen.

"We were a little nervous, afraid if we lifted and God forbid it falls on him, or if it was attached to a part of his body," he said. "As a team, we lifted up the car, and I see the boy and he was bleeding from his head." 

The victim was rushed to the hospital. His condition was not reported.

"I think God put us there, that's how I feel personally," DeMeo told NBC4, noting that his film crew plans to visit the teenager when he is released. "I think we were there for a reason, that's my belief."


Author: Usa Really