The Pentagon Will Develop a New Anonymous Mobile Messenger
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The Pentagon Will Develop a New Anonymous Mobile Messenger


WASHINGTON — August 20, 2018

The office of advanced research projects U.S. Department of Defense (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA) budgeted $44 million to develop a new anonymous mobile messenger against to cracking.

New development of the American military research Agency called Reliable anonymous communication for all” (Resilient Anonymous Communication for Everyone, RACE) will allow users to communicate using encryption technology.

"The office of advanced research projects of US Department of Defense (DARPA) is looking for proposals for innovative research in the field of encryption and classification of messages in order to create a mobile communication system to provide anonymity, have resistance to attacks and fully operational within the network environment," the document says.

The program had to ensure the complete confidentiality of each user, as well as the integrity of the transmitted messages.

According to the tender materials data, the messages inside the application will be encrypted. In addition, one of the main requirements is the resistance to hacking, even if the attackers gained access to one of the nodes of the system.

Also, the program should work within the same network, even if the network is closed and not connected to the Internet.

It is reported that at the first stage of development the application will be tested for resistance to hacking.

The document noted that the messenger is planned to be launched on the Android operating system.

Expected to work on the messenger will begin in March 2019 and will last until 2023. It was also reported that the Pentagon is developing a unique repository of memory. Millions of terabytes to be stored in a structure similar to DNA.

Now the serious question can be asked again which is, do Americans actually care about the immense military spending by their government?

Earlier the U.S. military command has banned military troop’s geolocation features in iPhones, the Apple Watch, and other smartphones and fitness trackers in war zones because geolocation tools used by the applications can disclose troop locations in war zones and in classified hot spots.

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