American Indian Heritage Day
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American Indian Heritage Day


American Indian Heritage Day, also sometimes known as Native American Heritage Day, recognizes the native American heritage, history and contributions. Some states recognize this day as a legal holiday or observance.

Native American Heritage Day is not actually a public holiday.

Government and public offices, businesses, and schools are not closed on this day but may hold special events and outreach programs to commemorate the annual observation.

This year Maryland celebrates American Indian Heritage Day on November 26.

What to Do

Many people observe American Indian Heritage Day with activities, programs, and ceremonies that promote the historical and present day status of Native Americans and the Native American tribal governments. These events celebrate the culture, traditions, and languages of Native Americans that all Americans enjoy today

The day also encourages public elementary and secondary schools to educate students about the history, achievements, and contributions of Native Americans by providing classroom instructions and activities.

What's Open or Closed?

American Indian Heritage Day is a civil holiday but some individual states, such as Maryland recognize this day as a state holiday. Maryland state agencies, libraries and public schools are closed on this day and most state employees and many others have the day off from work.

About the Day

Native Americans are the descendants of the aboriginal, indigenous, native people who were the original inhabitants of the United States. American Indian Heritage Day aims to highlight the relationship between the United States government and the Native American governments, as well as honor the achievements and contributions of Native Americans to the US.

Native Americans have made distinct and significant contributions to the United States and the rest of the world in many fields, including agriculture, medicine, music, language, and art. Throughout history, Native Americans have distinguished themselves as inventors, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, as well as scholars.


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Author: Usa Really