Teacher Hunger Strike in Milwaukee: Day 21
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Teacher Hunger Strike in Milwaukee: Day 21



When Alex Brower ends his hunger strike, schools will receive their money back.

Many of the proposed budget changes happening at the Central Office that Interim Superintendent Dr. Keith Posley suggested are to the Central Office, not to the classrooms.

Inside a budget hearing, Dr. Posley proposed no cuts to MPS classrooms. Previously, there were concerns over the 5% cuts, or $11 million, but with restructuring at the central office, Dr. Posley says, the problem is solved.

“The answer is yes. Schools will receive the money back. Every single cent. I would like to lead by saying the emphasis was on schools. In addition, cuts of two point five to each office will allow us to return $11.6 million back to schools.”

Principles applauded: “Thank you, thank you, thank you! In regard to putting the money back into the schools.”

The district is also proposing 50 new, full-time supplemental teacher positions, which are different than substitutes, who would receive full benefits.

“If you go back and take a look at the requirements of those 50 supplemental teachers, any sub we have that works for Milwaukee Public Schools could fit into that scenario.” Dr. Posley said.

“All of you thought we would go away, but we didn’t. The fighting subs are still here." - said substitute Alex Brower, who is on day 21 of a hunger strike- "You can end the hunger strike tonight, and I hope you do, by creating a professional class of substitute teachers with health care benefits.”

Amendments to the budget and to the proposed changes can still be made. The current one would add 75 substitute teachers who work 30 or more hours a week; they would also get benefits. As of now, it is in the proposed budget stage, and the 21-day hunger strike is over. For now.

Author: USA Really