Homeless Encampment Sweeps in Denver's Lincoln Park
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Homeless Encampment Sweeps in Denver's Lincoln Park

Facebook/Denver Homeless Out Loud

DENVER, CO – August 21, 2018

Sunday afternoon Denver Private Security conducted homeless encampment sweeps in Lincoln Park across from the state capitol.


A couple of different types of uniforms were there. One looked like a State Trooper. Private security people like to lie and say that the land and McNichols Civic Center Building are private or state property to scare the homeless away.

“These homeless encampment sweeps Denver has needs to stop ASAP!” – said Denver City Council At-Large Candidate 2019 Jesse Lashawn Parris. “Denver needs to repeal the urban camping ban in 2019 and we have a Right to Survive Ballot Initiative we pushing right now to get it on the ballot for the May 2019 local municipal Denver election,” – Parris said to USA Really.

This already has happened before in May and June 2018, activists say.

Denver's homeless population increased by 200 from 2017 to 2018, according to a survey conducted by Metro Denver Homeless Initiative. The numbers were released on June, 15th.

About two-thirds of the region’s homeless population were in the City and County of Denver. A total of 5,317 persons were identified as homeless in the 2018 PIT Count for Metro Denver, the study said.

In that research, it found more people were either choosing to or limited to camping instead of staying in shelters.

"What was unsettling was the unsheltered number increased, meaning there are more people that are experiencing homelessness and they are not seeking shelter or they are not able to seek shelter so they are really living on the streets, under the bridges," said Colorado Coalition for the Homeless spokeswoman Cathy Alderman to FOX31.

Unsheltered homelessness (persons in places not meant for habitation) has trended upward from 827 in 2015 to 1308 in 2018 (+58.2%), said in the study.

Author: USA Really