The Old Lion Is Losing His Grip. Biological Causes for a Possible US Civil War
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The Old Lion Is Losing His Grip. Biological Causes for a Possible US Civil War


HOUSTON, TX – August 22, 2018

I have written before that the global economy has reached an “epochal pivot,” a moment when the false prosperity created from the trillions in printed money by the world’s central banks lurches violently into reverse.

The population of America draws maps of future military actions, calculates the chances of "Balkanization" of the country, stores ammunition and looks for safe places where it will be possible to survive the "second civil war". The civil war is a giant sleeping dragon of American history, ready to wake up and burn us to the ground at any moment. The liberal media have actually blocked any talk of a "sleeping dragon." Nevertheless, the deep fear of the second civil has not gone away.

The topic of the second civil war was legitimized in the press only after the election of Donald Trump – the Democrats were so disappointed with the results of the elections that they violated their own taboo. The first scathing metaphor was launched by the mouthpiece of the liberal public – the New Yorker magazine. After clashes in Charlottesville and scandals with the demolition of monuments to the confederates, the left-wing press said that the insidious "Alt-right" was plotting a civil war. They said that they were armed and very dangerous, and that they should be immediately disarmed and lustrated.

But the "second civil war" did not last long as a mere metaphor. Americans began to actively discuss its real possibility-first on forums and radio shows, and then in the media. Invited military analysts considered the risk of Balkanization of America, drew maps of red and blue States, in all seriousness found out who will be better provided with food and ammunition in the course of the coming war – the central states, which went for Trump, or the coasts, which, for the most part, voted for Hillary.

Egyptian-born Canadian journalist, Omar El Akkad, wrote the novel "the Second civil war in America", which immediately entered the New York Times bestseller list and received excellent reviews.

In general, the debate today is not about whether there will be a civil war, but only about what it will be. The left insists that the event will be purely political: the red States voting for Trump, will turn against the blue-the stronghold of the Clinton clan.

Conservatives expect a more significant split. Economic inequality in the country is growing, the middle class is rapidly becoming poorer and the rich are getting richer. Almost a hundred years ago, John Steinbeck, one of the most important critics of social injustice in the United States, said that: "Socialism has never taken root in America, because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires."

Economic problems have also exacerbated racial conflicts. In addition, an important factor in the civil confrontation is promised to be criminal gangs formed on ethnic grounds.

Historian David Blatt notes the striking similarity of the situation in today's US with the situation in the country on the eve of the first civil war. We can watch almost the same constant riots and unrest, the same attacks on the police and public authorities and a very similar immigrant crisis (in the 1850s, the country was filled with refugees from Ireland dying of hunger) and unexplained brutal murders (in recent years, the US beat their own records for the number of mass executions).

Finally, the era brings together an atmosphere of intolerance, radicalism, paranoid search for enemies. However, these are only political, economic and partly cultural aspects of a possible civil war. But there are also biological and social ones. I'm talking about one of the possible lines of division of American society - the war between generations. The increase in life expectancy while maintaining the old social structure leads, oddly enough, to the war. That’s right.  All public and government structures are stacked with aged politicians, who have completely blocked the possibility of advancement and a better life for the youth. The only chance to climb the career ladder for a young man, if he does not belong to any of the leading clans, is to tag along to some child of a “Big” person and hope that when his parents will promote their mediocre child to a high position, he will pull this young man up with him. No personal qualities are taken into account. Old people in leadership positions will cling to those positions unil they die, at which point those positions usually go to their children or relatives.

Young people in reproductive age are overflowing with hormones (this is a biological mechanism aimed at the reproduction of the species), and these hormones determine their behavior. Hormones make young males want to prove their worth to females.  But all the way up they are blocked by older generation. This inevitably leads to a serious conflict. Most of these conflicts have been resolved by expansion (the Crusades, the Conquist of the Americas, etc.). But now there is nowhere to carry out expansion and tension remains inside the system. Of course, elderly politicians do everything to kill the desire of young people for growth. They worsen education, encourage infantilism, destroy all traditional values. But it's not helping. You can change the social paradigm, but you can't change hormone-induced behavior. Thus rebellion is brewing. So, for example, Parkland Student David Hogg Calls for New Dem Leadership in NY Mag Cover Story: ‘Pelosi is Old.’ “Move the f**k off the plate and let us take control,” he said. Who is David Hogg and why is this so important? Hogg is nobody. He often employs the word “narcissistic” to describe himself. He and fellow student gun control activists just wrapped up their summer bus tour, which focused on registering new gun control voters and pressuring Congress to pass more gun laws.  He emerged from the February 14, Parkland high school shooting voicing support for numerous new controls and was ruthless in his criticism of the gun rights movement and of certain types of firearms. He is a vivid representative of his "generation Next". These young people grew up in a cynical environment full of mistrust, at a time when government and public institutions split. Therefore, the lesson that they are guided by in life is to take care of yourself, be free from obligations, do not pay attention to the Crusades for ideas and principles. This generation is not particularly interested in politics, instead they are very market-oriented, very pragmatic. And now they openly say that they are weary of the “old” Democrats who keep hanging on to their offices.  And this case is just a beginning. The old lion is losing his grip and the young lions are ready to tear his throat. Just a push is needed. I hope that will not happen soon.

Author: USA Really