Residents of Luxury Upper East Side High-Rise in New York City Live in Fear Because of Mystery Shooter
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Residents of Luxury Upper East Side High-Rise in New York City Live in Fear Because of Mystery Shooter

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NEW YORK, NY — August 22, 2018

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) says it is trying to track down an unknown gunman, who twice last week fired at the windows of apartments in a luxury residential building.

Residents of a swanky Upper East Side high-rise have a 24-hour gated entry, a heated indoor pool, breathtaking views of the river — and bullets whizzing through their windows.

Individual units in the building cost about $10,000 per month. However, now its residents are terrified.

One man living on the 14th floor was injured half an hour before midnight on August 14 when a bullet hit his window. Police found some fragments on the living room floor.

Less than 24 hours later, another bullet pierced the window of a unit on the 32nd floor of the building, where two-bedroom apartments can rent for more than $7,000 a month.

Two days later, early in the morning, a 64-year-old resident living on the 2nd floor woke up to a loud sound that came from the next room. Police found a small hole in her window, covered with a web of cracks due to the passage of the bullet.

Neither tenant was injured, but they easily could have been.

“They were lucky they weren’t up late watching television,” a law enforcement source said.

The police were puzzled by the source of the gunfire until they realized the timing of the second shooting matched up with two 911 calls reporting shots heard coming from another apartment building — about 1,400 feet across the East River on Roosevelt Island.

"It seems some a-hole was standing on a balcony shooting across the river,” a high-ranking NYPD insider said.

“I’m petrified for my life,” exclaimed Ilene Epstein, 55, who lives in a river-facing apartment on the 22nd floor of the 50-story rental building between East 72nd and 73rd streets.

“I moved into this apartment because of the river. I have beautiful views,” said Epstein, a real estate agent. “[But] I’ll move out of my building before I walk around with a bulletproof vest.”

The now-boarded-up windows of the two shot-up Upper East Side apartments were clearly visible from the Roosevelt Island building on Monday.

“My wife is in Long Island with our baby. Maybe I should call her and tell her to stay there for a few days,” said Cohen, a 37-year-old computer programmer.

“I’m already planning on leaving New York,” he added. “This is just one more reason.”

A spokesman for Manhattan Park, where two-bedroom units rent for around $3,000 a month, said the complex’s management was cooperating with the NYPD. But he declined further comment, noting that the investigation was ongoing.

Until the case is closed, some residents of One East River Place say they’ll live in constant fear that they might need to duck and cover at a moment’s notice.

“I feel threatened to be in my building,” said Epstein, the 22nd-floor resident. “[It] seems like it can become an everyday thing. It could happen tonight.”

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