U.S. Foreign Relations: Will the American People Declare All Out War?
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U.S. Foreign Relations: Will the American People Declare All Out War?


We Americans are living in an unprecedented crisis, though many do not yet perceive it so. With Washington threatening to escalate sanction against the Russians designed to cripple that nation’s economy, my thoughts turn to World War II, and Imperial Japan and the cataclysm economic warfare can cause.

This week I watched with one hundred twenty thousand Facebook users a FOX News live stream from the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on US-Russia relations. As we watched the Senate leadership threaten economic war on Russia, I was heartened a bit to see most of the FB user reactions reflected dismay at our political leadership. Those reactions seemed to be levied toward ALL our leadership, not just liberals or conservatives. But obviously, Washington is not listening to the people. And they’re certainly not sharing intelligence and proof of Russia allegations with us.

For those who did not see the telecast, watching Committee Chairman, Senator Bob Corker was painful, even sickening. The same man who fought to keep boots on the ground instead of withdrawing from Afghanistan and Iraq, and a man possessed by the idea of supply Ukraine with offensive weapons against Russian influence, presides over a Senate dog and pony show that may cause World War III. Corker went so far as to suggest the U.S. assist the Kurds in fragmenting Syria. Corker, if you will recall, sponsored a resolution authorizing the use of American military force in response to Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons. Once again, the American people were shown no proof whatsoever.

Now U.S. lawmakers are saying the Trump administration is pulling its punches with Putin and Russia, are they’re pushing for legislation that could force the White House to levy even-tougher economic penalties than those already in place. Even before the federal investigation on election interference is concluded, all the Washington players are upping the rhetoric. Sigal Mandelker, who’s a Treasury official who is Mr. Trump’s sanctions chief, attempted to appease committee war hawks with this:

“Though Russia’s malign activities continue, we believe its adventurism undoubtedly has been checked by the knowledge that we can bring much more economic pain to bear. We will not hesitate to do so if its conduct does not demonstrably and significantly change.”

This USA Today EU story tells of Senator Corker speaking to  a room full of Washington reporters about Syria and saying, “…he feared a Russian invasion similar to the one that occurred in Georgia in August 2008.” As I said, Corker’s idiocy was the most muted among his nonsensical colleagues.

When I saw the face of the disgraceful New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez’s face appear on camera, I knew these hearings would take a left turn toward a form of new McCarthyism. Menendez, for those unfamiliar, was forced to step down as ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee after his indictment for bribery and other charges. There’s no space here to describe the crime against humanity Menendez represents, but now he says he is a “prime target” for future Russian election meddling. I wonder where the FBI report on that allegations is? I’ll leave off the New Jersey senator with the lead from a Times of Israel story about the Democratic senator saying, the “pro-Israel lobby helped him fend off 'Goliath' when battling federal graft charges.” Read between those lines my fellow Americans.

When Ohio Senator Jeanne Shaheen took the floor in the Senate, the Facebook brethren resonated with a collective gasp of “ho-hum.” Shaheen, who supported regime change in Iraq using her devout believe that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, obviously learned nothing at all in the last decade and a half. The Chuck Schumer minion still apparently does what she is told. She also insinuated that Kurdistan, under U.S. influence, should be made an autonomous state. With her hint here we see the real mission of the Washington deep state. There was at this hearing, however, one voice of reason.

Senator Rand Paul is often called a “Russian stooge” by the same people trying to create a world war. The most intelligent comment from this or any other U.S. lawmaker hearing has emanated from the Kentucky politician. Paul, who’s not been indicted for anything, floated the possibility of a dialogue with Russia about NATO, and the suggestion that the west stops expanding its umbrella into Eastern Europe. Paul, who’s been considered a potential candidate for the Republican nomination for the Presidency of the United States for some years now, was among only two Senators to vote against a Senate motion supporting NATO. So, as you may imagine, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on new Russia sanctions did NOT resonate with Paul’s voice of reason. And this is cause for major alarm.

In 1931 the Empire of Japan invaded Manchuria expanding into China, which led to the Second Sino-Japanese war in 1937. Emperor Hirohito did not secure a region formerly Japanese, and he did not take possession of his long ice-free naval base. Japan’s imperial troops did not stand in Manchuria to protect a voter referendum so that Chinese speaking people could become Japanese subjects. Japan just invaded – period. And the U.S. and other nations levied massive sanctions on Hirohito for Western economic and territorial interests in Asia as of early 1938. Japan did not cease, the Emperor signed the Tripartite Pact in 1940 with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, officially forming the Axis Powers. Five years later nearly 50 million people were dead, and the initial costs to all nations exceeded $10 trillion dollars in today’s currency. Now here’s my concern and my point today.

Japan was guilty as hell of invading China and other Asian territories. Sanctions caused them to launch the ill-fated attack on Pearl Harbor. The Axis powers initiated a cataclysm of unprecedented horrors and costs. They slaughtered untold millions, destroyed everything in their path, stole the resources of other nations and made slaves of their victims. And the sanctions on Russia are harsher than those levied against Hirohito, Hitler, or Mussolini – but Putin has not invaded or killed anybody. There is no proof. Crimea is not Manchuria, it’s Russian to the core, and our leadership knows this. Hell, the Washington think tanks and the Pentagon planned for Crimea to be seized! What else could Putin do? Leave his frontiers to NATO missiles? Relinquish Sevastopol to the 6th Fleet? No, Putin is not the aggressor in all this. And there is PROOF of that.

My friends. We are being led into a cauldron of fire and hell that will make World War II seem like a Disney movie. Pushed into the last corner, the Russians will not hesitate to scorch the Earth. It is what Americans would do in the same situation. It is what many people would do. As an expert on Eastern Europe and geo-policy, I can assure you; the harder Washington squeezes the Russian people, the more determined they become. Right now, as I type this, if Vladimir Putin called the all-out war on the west, he’d be supported 90%. Russians are unlike us in several ways, and one is how they address suffering and pressure.

To help you understand what I am trying to say here, it was the famous Russian novelist and philosopher Fyodor Dostoyevsky who said, “A Russian soul is a dark place.” In this, the genius of his time did not mean that Russians are evil by nature. He was referring to an element of what later became known as the “Russian soul,” which is comprised in part of a need for suffering. Without the philosophy lesson, this aspect of Russian character is formed out of the uniqueness of the Russian Orthodox religion – you can equate it to our Baptist ministers telling us to take joy in suffering like Christ. However you perceive my words here, please understand that this fact runs like a river through the veins of every Russian I’ve met in the last five years. When push comes to shove, unlike our empowered generations, Russians will relish become martyrs for their homeland. And I am not talking about crazy Islamic fundamentalism. You can compare their character with the heroes of our wild west or a Rocky film if you want. What I am telling you is fact.

Our leaders have attacked Russia. I will not get into the reasons why. They are mostly economic in nature. I suggest everyone reading this consider the moderate tone of Senator Rand Paul. Do your own research. Ask your representatives to show you the documentation on Russia and Putin. Force them to address the central issue of our time. Do not let them or their media fellows divert your attention to smaller issues. Russia is not Hitler or Imperial Japan. No Russian has ever attacked America – EVER. I plead with you all to take heed. America cannot be great again if these people launch Armageddon.

Author: Phil Butler