Immigrant Man Arrested After Following a 13-year-old Girl Home From School
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Immigrant Man Arrested After Following a 13-year-old Girl Home From School

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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – August 22, 2018

A Muslim man who followed a 13-year-old girl home from school and then tried to sexually assault her inside her own house has been arrested, San Jose police said.

According to the police, Mohammad Khaliqi, 31, was arrested Friday morning in San Jose for the attack against 13-year-old girl they say followed another similar attack in a grocery store’s restroom.

In the first case of sexual assault, a 28-year-old woman said she was ambushed by the same man before he managed to escape.

The arrest came as a result of video evidence of him following the girl home and then attempting to force his way inside after her.

Mohammad Khatami is a typical example of the refugees who are flooding into Europe and bringing with them their home countries “rape culture.” Mohammad Khaliqi decided to bring a bit of this “rape culture” with him to America.

Lucky for this young girl, the US is not as tolerant of the aspirations and cultural values of refugees as in Europe, where Muslim men seem to have free reign when it comes to sexual assault.

There are many rape cases which have been documented in Europe, but unfortunately for the victims, it is forbidden to talk about it in public and they attacks are not registered by the police. European Governments, particularly in Germany, Sweden and Norway, prefer not to interfere in immigrant Affairs, and focus on helping victims of violence and avoiding the consequences of sexual crimes, rather than actually fighting these crimes and holding the criminals responsible.

In Sweden, for example, the government takes almost no measures to prevent crimes by migrants. Aside from producing new anti-rape underwear, the government basically just hands out booklets to new immigrants and refugees asking them nicely not to rape the local women.

“The country is responding with the sex guidebook titled, Youmo In Practice, that’s supposed to teach young migrants about sex, health and gender so they understand that it’s inappropriate to rape people. It focuses on the subject of consent and that women are allowed to say no. Nyberg said it’s a difficult subject because migrants come from differing cultural backgrounds.”

When women have to have safe space, special underwear and are advised not to wear valuables while out and about in their own towns, people should be alarmed. This oppressive policy has set women back decades; it strips them of their freedom and independence in public.

The left immediately tries to make this into a race issue. Let’s be clear: it has nothing to do with a race and everything to do with a culture that refuses to assimilate into a western way of living.

I hope that in the US, reason will prevail over the crazy liberal ideas on refugees which have been pushed for the past few years. Europe is rapidly falling apart and will soon fall under the onslaught of alien cultures. I hope the US will take into account its experience in determining its immigration policy and take appropriate action before it’s too late.

Author: USA Really