Florida couple face charges after abducting a man and torturing him for three days
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Florida couple face charges after abducting a man and torturing him for three days


A Florida couple is facing kidnapping and attempted murder charges for chaining and torturing a man over three days.

The events unfolded in December.

51-year-old Marie and 56-year-old Occius Dorsainvil planned kidnapping of the man. Marie allured the victim into their home in order to have sex. The victim initially declined explaining that she was married. But she insisted that her husband was away in Haiti and they eventually went in together.

However, it was not determined how the two suspects are related.

When the victim was inside the apartment sitting on a couch, Occius allegedly entered with a gun. The couple bound the victim’s hand and legs together with a chord, police said. Then they forced the man to record a video with a statement in which he admits to having an affair with Marie.

The couple repeatedly threatened the victim to kill him. On the second day they added chains to his bounding. The suspects demanded $50,000 cash as well as the title to his car, the TV station reported.

The victim was released on the third day after having shower at gunpoint. They drove him in his car to a location where they would let him go.

Before they let him go, the pair allegedly forced him to drink from a container filled with bleach and Haitian rum, from which he passed out.

The victim woke up a half-hour later and reportedly ran for help.

Police said they tracked down and arrested the suspects, who confessed to the crimes.

The pair made an appearance in a Miami-Dade courtroom on Friday, according to WTVJ.


Author: Usa Really