Biden again referred to his VP as "President Harris"
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Biden again referred to his VP as "President Harris"


President Biden again referred to his Vice President as “President Harris.”

A new Biden’s gaffer occurred on Tuesday while speaking about voting rights at the Atlanta University Center Consortium on the campus of Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College.

"Last week, President Harris and I stood in the United States Capitol to observe one of those before and after moments in American history," Biden said, referencing last year’s January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill riot.

Biden didn’t bother to correct himself. But he noticed himself his unintentional use of the words "hell," which he changed to "heck," and "damn," which he revised as "darn." 

"Of course, President Harris is a proud Howard [University] alum," Biden told the crowd at the historically black university. 


Author: Usa Really