Maryland Flash Floods Leave National Guard Member Missing
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Maryland Flash Floods Leave National Guard Member Missing


MARYLAND — May 28, 2018

A high-intensity storm caused heavy flooding in Ellicott City, Maryland that has left one missing and extensive material damage, local authorities reported today.

A man, identified as Eddison Hermond, disappeared around 00.30 local time (4.30 GMT) when he was involved in rescue work in Ellicott City said Allan Kittleman, Howard County's executive.

In addition, the authorities indicated that at least 30 rescues have been registered in homes, businesses, and vehicles since the storm began on Sunday afternoon and lasted during the early hours of Monday.

Given the magnitude of the storm and the floods, the Governor of Maryland, Republican Larry Hogan, declared a state of emergency in the county so he could quickly receive the necessary financial and personnel assistance.

"They say that this is a flood that happens once every 1,000 years and that we have had two in two years," Hogan told local media.

The governor referred to the storm that devastated Ellicott City in July 2016, which resulted in two deaths and major damage, especially in the old town.

So far, the estimated amount of damage caused in the last hours is unknown, although images that have been circulating show numerous damaged cars and buildings.

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