Mentally Ill Immigrant vs LA Police: $1.9 Million – 0
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Mentally Ill Immigrant vs LA Police: $1.9 Million – 0

818 Blackett

LOS ANGELES – August 24, 2018

The sensational story of a mentally ill illegal immigrant who attacked the police and was subsequently shot has came to an end. The Los Angeles City Council has reached a $1.9 million settlement with the family of a homeless man who was shot and killed by police in a confrontation on Skid Row.

Charly Keunang, nicknamed "Africa", was killed by police in 2015.  He was an immigrant from Cameroon and had no permanent residence. Keunang suffered from mental disorders and often behaved aggressively. On March 1, 2015, the Los Angeles police received a call about a possible robbery. Arriving at the scene, officers saw Charlie Keuning threatening the person who called the police with a bat. Keuning refused to obey officer’s orders, and then tried to grab an officer's gun, at which point the patrol opened fire in defeat. Keuning suffered multiple injuries and died shortly afterwards. Passers-by filmed the man’s confrontation with police and distributed it on the Internet. The images prompted protests.

The family naturally disagreed with the officer’s actions, and took the case to federal court. A jury found officers liable, and the city decided to settle. Tuesday, the city council approved a $1.9 million settlement for the family.

The LAPD has said it stands by the findings of the Police Commission and the DA's office that the use of force was consistent with the law and department policy.

The whole story is very similar to the events in March 1991, when the LA  police barely managed to catch up with the car of a Rodney King before placing him under arrest. He was on probation for robbery and narcotics. His companions obeyed the officer’s command, got out of the car and lied down, but King was not going to "surrender". Officers shot him with  a taser and then struck him with 56 baton blows until he finally calmed down. The precise amount of hits is accurate because he later demanded compensation- a million dollars for each hit. But the story was ultimately not about the number of hits, but about the fact that King was black, and the police – white.

The beating was caught on video, and shown on the news. He was released from the hospital without any charges (in ordinary cases, I mean if he was white, insubordination and resistance are serious charges) Four cops were put on trial, which lasted about a year. At the end, the jury acquitted three of them and one was "lightly convicted".

In Los Angeles in 1992, on cue, a rebellion broke out. All gang wars were stopped for the period of "great opposition". Rivals groups became friends against "discrimination" and "oppression", lynching the first got white truck driver they managed to catch, trying to reproduce in accuracy how Rodney King had been beaten by the police officers. After this, they burned down large parts of the city and rioted so severely that the authorities had to close the Los Angeles airport because the planes could not break through the smoke. The city of Angels became the City of Demons, and the national guard and marines were called to quell unrest.

The military stayed in Los Angeles for almost a month. After the "peace enforcement” operation there was a second "fair trial". This time, two cops were actually sentenced, and fired from the police Department, which in turn announced new policing reforms. King received his compensation from the authorities: not $ 56 million the wished, but about $ 4 million, which is also not so bad. As additional bonus, he has been announced as a "face of human rights defenders". 

In the future, this "human rights activist" has repeatedly demonstrated his humanistic face and pious behavior by:  having drunken parties; running over his wife with a car and fleeing from the place of an accident. Finally, in 2012, he drowned in his own pool, loaded with a "cocktail" of alcohol and cocaine. As those who fight against the alleged tyranny of the police often say: his “misery and desperation" drove him to his death.

Author: USA Really