Piers Morgan praises Joe Rogan for condemning cancel culture and censorship by liberal-run media
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Piers Morgan praises Joe Rogan for condemning cancel culture and censorship by liberal-run media


Piers Morgan, an English journalist and broadcaster, praised Joe Rogan for his views and for condemning “the appalling way conservative voices are constantly vilified and censored by liberal-run media.”

His opinion about the American comedian and podcast host, Morgan expressed in the article published on Fox.

“Honestly, if it wasn’t for his [Rogan’s] love of guns, tattoos and Bernie’s socialism — and of course, his weird accent — we could be twins.

Initially the two didn’t have anything in common. When Piers Morgan called for more gun restrictions in the USA, Rogan called the English journalist an “a**hole,” and said that the “British accent should itself be restricted to ‘selling mops and non-stick cookware.’”  

“But in another of his shows, Rogan praised me for questioning scientists’ big bang theory of our existence on the basis that human brains can’t comprehend what existed before nothing, which suggests there must be higher powers than we mere mortals,” Morgan writes.

“And when I labeled the Left “unbearable” for their illiberal new woke form of fascism, he tweeted that I was “completely spot-on.”

Morgan also supports Rogan for his strong beliefs in free speech and the 2nd Amendment and for his negative attitude towards cancel culture.

The only thing that Morgan does not recognize in his American colleague is Rogan’s love for guns and socialism.

“I don’t always agree with what Rogan or his guests say, but why should I?” Morgan wrote. “But what I like most about him is his fierce curiosity and refreshing willingness to admit when he’s wrong or has simply changed his mind.”

“I regularly listen to his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” and it’s a brilliantly free-wheeling, wide-ranging, sometimes combative, always fascinating series of conversations with people from all walks of life who hold all manner of opinions,” The English writer confesses.

Author: Usa Really