16-year-old NYC high school student sat hours in cold vestibule after refusing to wear a mask
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16-year-old NYC high school student sat hours in cold vestibule after refusing to wear a mask


A New York high-school student was not allowed to attend classes because she was not wearing a face mask and had to spend hours in a cold vestibule the day after the state lifted a mask mandate as unconstitutional.

The 16-year-old student’s father, Vincent Igoe, said the school treated her worse than a prisoner by refusing to give her food, water, or access to a restroom. For that she was allowed to use a bathroom only once. She was walked “outside in 15-degree weather, no jacket," "in an unused part of the school, unused and unheated part of the school."

"She was getting treated definitely worse than a prisoner," Vincent Igoe, the girl's father, told Fox News Digital on Sunday. "Even inmates in jail get offered food and water."

The incident took place at South Colonie Central High School outside Albany, New York, January 25. Igoe shared a video of his encounters with his daughter, the school resource officer, his ex-wife, and an associate principal claiming the school exiled his daughter unlawfully because the mask mandate was already not in an effect.

"She was stopped in the hallway, and then she was dragged," he recounted. "The administrators told her to put a mask on, she said she’s not putting a mask on, it’s illegal. Then a school resource officer grabbed her by her arm, and dragged her through the hallway into the cold vestibule of the school."

The girl’s father arrived at the school at about 7:50 a.m. and confronted the school resource officer and associate principle.

"If you’re not going to let her in school, I said please provide me suspension documents or something in writing saying why you are not letting her in school," Igoe told Fox News Digital. "All I’m asking for is this document, something in writing saying why they want her to leave."

"I stayed in that vestibule with my daughter until the police department threatened to arrest me," he said. He left and returned hours later.

"They kept her in that vestibule all day long, with no food, no water, and no bathroom," he said. 

Igoe recalled watching the news together with his daughter the day before the incident. He said the heard that a New York Supreme Court judge struck down the state's mask mandate as "unconstitutional."

"She said, ‘I’m not wearing my mask tomorrow,'" Igoe recalled.

However, the school officials declined the father’s claims, saying they were "false and misleading."

Author: Usa Really