John McCain Dead at 81
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John McCain Dead at 81


USA — August 26, 2018

The sad news came from Cornville, Arizona: former U.S. senator John McCain passed away at age 81 after losing his battle against a brain tumor.

McCain, a Vietnam War veteran and prisoner of war, was awarded with the Silver star, Bronze star, Purple Heart and many other medals, and was one of the most respected member of the Republican party, which he had served for more than 35 years since the day he was elected as a nominee from the party for Arisona 1st Congressional District back in 1982. Highly-conservative, one of his first step as a Republican party member in the House of Representatives was to oppose the creation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, however 26 years later he admitted that was a mistake, stating, “I was wrong and eventually realized that, in time to give full support [in 1990] for a state holiday in Arizona”.

Back in the 80’s McCain was a loyal supporter of Reagan’s administration, a hardline senator, who backed the President in his economic program (“Reagonomics”), stance against the Soviet Union, policy towards the conflicts in Central Africa and Contras of Nicaragua. In the 90’s senator McCain paid much attention to re-establishing U.S.-Vietnam international relations and made huge effort to search for remaining American prisoners of war in the South-East Asian country. He remained a true war-hawk to the end, supporting President Clinton’s decision to bomb Yugoslavia. In the beginning of the century McCain also supported President Bush in his decision to start the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. John McCain is famous for his general support of US intervention as a vital part of the U.S. foreign policy.

The peak of his political career was winning the nomination as a Republican candidate for 2008 Presidential election, though he lost it to Democrat Barack Obama with the result of 365-173 in Electoral Vote terms. Under the current Presidency of Donald Trump, McCain supported most of the statements and the approaches of the United States on issues like Syria, Ukraine and other points of conflict around the globe.

McCain was in his Sixth Senate term when he found out he was ill, in July of 2017. He returned to the Senate only two weeks after undergoing a brain surgery operation, but, unfortunately, the cancer came back. For more than a year after it senator McCain had been fighting his private war on the severe disease, but tragically - it turned out to be stronger than him. 

He was a brave man, a man of his word and an honest opponent for all his political rivals.

John McCain is survived by his wife Cindy Hensley and seven children.

USA Really news agency sends sincere condolences to family members and friends of senator John McCain.

Author: USA Really