4-year-old Las Vegas boy found dead in garage freezer and his mom's boyfriend arrested
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4-year-old Las Vegas boy found dead in garage freezer and his mom's boyfriend arrested


Remains of a 4-year-old Las Vegas boy were found in a garbage freezer and his mother’s boyfriend arrested in connection with the boy’s death.

The gruesome discovery was made by Nevada Police after a school girl, who is the boy’s sister handed a note from their mother to her teacher reading that she was being held hostage and her son was dead.  

The teacher immediately alerted the authorities about the note.

“She stated that she didn’t know where her younger child was,” Las Vegas homicide Lt. Ray Spencer said of the note, “and that she believed he was deceased.”

Tuesday, police watched a surveillance video showing the woman and her 35-year-old boyfriend, Brandon Toseland, leaving the house. Toseland was immediately arrested down the block from the home.

The woman tolf the officers she had not seen her son since December 11.

“She said she was not allowed to leave the house alone or go into the garage,” Spencer told the Gazette Journal of the woman, who has not been publicly identified.

The boy was identified as 4-year-old Mason Dominguez.

“He’s super loved by his aunts, uncles & cousins. His dad loved him so much, he made him super happy that he looked & acted just like him,” the fundraiser reads. “We had always hoped we would be able to see him again , at least once... just to give him a hug ? A kiss & tell him we love him... To know Mason was loved.”

Toseland has been charged with two counts of first-degree kidnapping, according to online jail records. Additional murder charges are expected.

The mother of the children is not taken accountable. But the investigation is ongoing.

Author: Usa Really