Former President Trump said that Russia’s move into Ukraine was “genius” and called Putin "very savvy" guy
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Former President Trump said that Russia’s move into Ukraine was “genius” and called Putin "very savvy" guy


Former President Donald Trump praised Russian President Vladimir Putin and said that the Russia’s move to Ukraine was “genius.”

“I went into the house yesterday, the TV was on, and I said:” This brilliant". Putin declares most of Ukraine <…> independent. Oh, that's wonderful,” Trump continued.

“He (Putin) is going to come in and become a peacemaker. This is the most powerful peacekeeping force. We could use such a move on our southern border. This is the strongest peacekeeping force I have ever seen. There were more tanks than I have ever seen. They will keep the peace. No, but think about it. Here is a guy who is very smart… I know him very well. Very, very good,” Trump assured.

Prior to the, Biden called Putin’s decision to recognize Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics brilliant and described Putin himself as "a guy who's very savvy."

Donald Trump also said that Moscow’s decision to declare DPR and LPR independent is “very reasonable.”

On Tuesday, Trump said if he still were the President, Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have launched a “full-scale invasion.”

“This is something that should have never happened,” Trumps claimed.

Trumps accused the Biden administration of showing weakness, that started from the withdrawal of the US military forces from Afghanistan.

 “This would not have happened during my administration. In fact, some people were saying, why didn’t this take place over the past four years during my administration? And it didn’t for a very good reason. I’ll explain that to you someday. But it wouldn’t have taken place, and it wouldn’t have taken place right now. It’s a very sad thing for the world, the country, and it is certainly sad for a lot of people that are going to be needlessly killed.”

“I do know him, and I do know him very well,” Trump added. “We’ve had many, many times together. I got along with him fantastically despite the fact that I shut down Nord Stream 2. Nobody would have heard of Nord Stream 2 if it weren’t for me. I’m the one that shut it down, and I’m the one that told Angela [Merkel] you’re doing a terrible thing by doing this, and they were going to get 75%, not 30% — 75% of their energy from Nord Stream 2. It was ridiculous.”

Author: Usa Really