Instagram users call to boycott Netflix for spreading “Russian propaganda”
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Instagram users call to boycott Netflix for spreading “Russian propaganda”


English-speaking Instagram call to boycott Netflix for “Russian propaganda.”

The users of Instagram are spreading a post calling for a boycott of Netflix for broadcasting "Russian propaganda" on their services.

The American streaming service "will be forced to broadcast Kremlin propaganda as early as next week as part of new commitments in Russia," writes Politico.

In this regard, Western users urge each other to blackmail Netflix: for example, write threats to cancel subscriptions to the company's email if the platform does not change its plans for Russia.

Meanwhile it remains unclear what propaganda exactly the users mean.

On March 1, Netflix will fall under a number of new obligations in Russia after it was entered into the register of audiovisual services maintained by Russian agency Roskomnadzor last year.

“It seems unlikely they will reject the new rules and leave,” said Catalina Iordache, a researcher specializing in Netflix’s business.  She added that this could be due to the partnerships Netflix has already in place with Russia’s National Media Group (NMG), as well as the money it has bankrolled into the production of Russian content such as the drama series "Anna K."

Author: Usa Really