Volcanologists Have Made a Forecast for Yellowstone
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Volcanologists Have Made a Forecast for Yellowstone


WYOMING — August 27, 2018

Specialists of the Yellowstone volcanic Observatory believe that the probability of a volcano eruption in the territory of Yellowstone National Park in the near future is greatly exaggerated. However, according to experts, in the nearest future it is highly likely that there may be a devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.0.

 There are 1500 to 2500 tremors recorded annually at Yellowstone, most of which are insignificant and are captured only by seismographs. However, there have also been strong earthquakes in the recent past. On August 17, 1959 an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 provoked a landslide that killed 28 people. According to volcanologists, the repetition of such a scenario is much more likely than the eruption of a super volcano. According to scientists, unlike a volcano, the eruption of which is usually preceded by a number of "warning" events, earthquakes occur suddenly. "We can tell where they may occur, but we can't tell when," volcanologists note.

In addition to landslides and rock destruction, an earthquake can cause a hydrothermal explosion, which occurs when a large volume of superheated pressurized water is suddenly released. It can also be dangerous for people in the vicinity. At the same time, scientists doubt that a strong earthquake can "Wake up" the volcano.

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