Duende Diary (VIII)
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Duende Diary (VIII)


August 21st

A strange woman came this morning. She talked with the mistress for 20 minutes. I didn't have time to hear what about. The cat distracted me. He said he remembered who she was. He allegedly saw her at the veterinary clinic. She was talking to the mistress... something about castration. What exactly, he didn't remember, but he feels nervous. He said he was worried she was likely a feminist, and they didn't like anyone with testicles. Just in case, he decided to hide in the closet. As if he was a ranger! Every cockroach in our house knew where he was.

A ranger or not, he is able to analyze, he could even predict events. The mistress decided to go somewhere with this woman. As we understood from their conversation they will be out till the end of the week. They decided to take the cat with them. The mistress found him quickly and stuffed him in a bag, despite his unasked protest. He was silent and slightly doomed…

And now I’m also worryied about his testicles. He's very attached to them. It may be difficult for him without them. What will he lick when he will be bored? The only hope he has is that he's black. Black people are respected in this country. They cannot be hurt. I heard on the TV, that the Los Angeles City Council had reached a $1.9 million settlement with the family of a homeless man who was shot and killed by police in a confrontation on Skid Row.

Charly Keuning, nicknamed "Africa," was killed by police in 2015.  He was an immigrant from Cameroon and had no permanent residence. Keuning suffered from mental disorders and often behaved aggressively. On March 1, 2015, the Los Angeles police received a call about a possible robbery. Arriving at the scene, officers saw Charlie Keuning threatening the person who called the police with a bat. Keuning refused to obey the officer’s orders and then tried to grab an officer's gun, at which point the patrol opened fire in defeat. Keuning suffered multiple injuries and died shortly afterward. Passers-by filmed the man’s confrontation with police and distributed it on the Internet. The images prompted protests.

The family naturally disagreed with the officer’s actions and took the case to federal court. A jury found the officers liable, and the city decided to settle. Tuesday, the city council approved a $1.9 million settlement for the family.

It's like 1991 again when the LA police barely managed to catch up with the car of Rodney King before placing him under arrest. He was on probation for robbery and narcotics. His companions obeyed the officer’s command, got out of the car and lied down, but King was not going to "surrender." Officers shot him with a taser and then struck him with 56 baton blows until he finally calmed down.

Everything seems right. The drunken and drugged man was running away in a car, he was refusing to obey the police and was resisting. It about 10 years in custody at least... Unless there's somethin' to be worried about. He's black. And the cops are white, which means they're already guilty. So, that’s why the disorder and arson started in Los Angeles. Activists demonstratively lynched a white truck driver, who was totally innocent. This way they expressed their protest against the arbitrariness of the police and demonstrated an active citizenship. The police officers were declared as “bad guys” and sentenced again, two more were acquitted. And a “good guy” Rodney King received his compensation from the authorities of about $ 4 million.

In the future, this "good boy” Rodney King has repeatedly demonstrated his humanistic face and pious behavior by having drunken parties; running over his wife with a car and fleeing from the scene of an accident. And finally, in 2012, he drowned in his own pool, loaded with a "cocktail" of alcohol and cocaine. As those who fight against the alleged tyranny of the police often say: his “misery and desperation" drove him to his death.

As to the cat, maybe he'll do better to run away. And then he can take his revenge later. I read on the Internet a little about animal saboteurs. One such sabotuer was caught recently in Wales. He was a hamster-a pest.

Nabbed! Car muncher hamster is caged after 8 days of freedom. He escaped from his cage while he was being driven home and got his revenge. It's not like our cat  who just likes to piss under the seat. He ate all the cables in the car and damaged the engine. Now that's revenge!

 August 22nd

It's too boring without the cat. I'm not talking with the parrot and cannot find the tortoise. Where is she hiding, I'll never know.

I've been watching TV the whole day. Nothing interesting. I've seen a report from a supermarket in Niagara Falls. The goods marked "made in the USA" there occupy as much a whole department with one tasting booth! There is an Indian knives, cowboy boots, and artisanal hats. Everything else is made in China. I didn't think that's what world domination looks like. The real US contribution’s to the world economy could be greater. Especially taking into account how much Americans consume.

I’ve seen also on TV that in Italy, Milan, the one immigrant daily put on a suit of the gas station employee with a logo of the company on a breast (thus not being its worker), and pretended that he worked at gas station, and then ran away with cash of clients who remained without fuel and with an empty purse. It's a good idea for a startup but seems the guy didn't adapt to the market, something's gone wrong.

I’m happy for the Mexicans again. The Guadalajara City authorities passed a law allowing sex in public places. According to them, the police should focus on the fight against crime, and not to disturb people who may not have enough money for a hotel room. I fully agree with this interpretation of the police work.  Make love not war!

And again about Mexico.

The tunnel spread from a former Kentucky Fried Chicken in Arizona all the way to a home in Mexico. Investigators believe it may be a secret passageway which was used for the drug smuggling.

That's what I mean by Colonel Sanders ' secret spices!

August 23rd

The parrot seems completely out of his mind. This happens from time to time. He apparently misses. I caught him on camera just in case.

That's what happens when you sit around for a long time without the work.

That's exactly who is not sitting around, so it's the President. By the way, he said today that he evaluates its achievement on the Presidental post on "excellent plus!" He could certainly be a little bit modest, but why? Not to toot my own horn, but toot, toot.

By the way, Bruno, the cat I told you about, who likes to stand on his hind legs, is getting ready to move into a new house. Maybe we should be happy for Bruno. And how's our cat? I'll have to send a letter by carrier pigeon tomorrow. I wonder if they have JPS? How will they find him? It’s time to pinkie swear with the parrot. He can negotiate with pigeons better.

August 24th

We reconciled with the parrot. Together we watched the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” show which explores entertaining conspiracy theories and other bizarre things. The parrot does believe that the channel's Director is my cousin-nephew. After hours of watching this, I believe that it's possible.

Another channel reported that a homeless man in Philadelphia gave his last $20 to a couple to gas up. They told the story on the Internet and raised $ 400,000. But he didn't see this money: the couple have already spent half and express no wish to give him the other half. The man returned to the street. Here's the thing: no one's arrested them for fraud. Now, I can guess with whom they shared the first half.

Also, I watched reportage that a New Jersey High School installed free laundry services after homeless students were bullied for dirty, smelly clothes.

The headmaster is great!  Maybe these from Philly wanted to open something like that, too? They're crooks, though. And they have don’t possess a conscience in principle. They'll be better off coming to New Jersey to do Free Laundry.

August 25th

Pigeons delivered a message from the cat: "Everything is fine. I'm okay. Although I was morally raped. I was thrown into a room without any contact in a big house. They don't let me out. I'm bored. I peed under the bed. It didn't help. How to set up MMS?" I replied, "You can write freely. We have unlimited. MMS is not getting through. Don't ask the pigeons about Bluetooth, they don't inadequately respond to the teeth."

I sat down on the Internet. And I immediately came across the news that a security guard at a Tennessee hospital had sex in a storage room with a dead woman’s body.

Cameron Wright, 23, was arrested and charged with abuse of a corpse after at least two witnesses saw him having sex with a dead body inside a body storage area at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis, according to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said Wright admitted to the crime. His bond was set at $3,000.

I wonder while applying for a job the medical staff passes at least some tests? Maybe we should check out the people who hired this psycho. Psychos usually get together. They are more attracted to their own kind. Who knows maybe some passive necrophil will be revealed.

And here's another about the crazies.

In Illinois Mom was investigated for letting her 8-year-old daughter walk the family dog alone. The incident happened as Widen's daughter walked the family dog, Marshmallow, around the block. A stranger saw the girl walking the dog alone and called the police. Now the mother faced a visit from the police and an Illinois Department of Children and Family Services investigation.

The woman is furious about it. And I understand her. Being 8-year-old is a sufficient age for the child to be able to walk around the block.  I wonder if the caller has ever had his own children. Do the police or the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services even understand what the process of growing up and education means? Is there an investigation against the person who called the police? Although I doubt it. We have any crazy who can with impunity pry into other people's business for nothing regardless of his motives and competence. That's too bad. If the fans of snooping around in someone else's family would be responsible for their actions, and families were stronger, children might grow more independent.

Author: El Duende