Third Fatal Shooting This Week Reported in Abilene
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Third Fatal Shooting This Week Reported in Abilene


ABILENE, TEXAS — August 28, 2018

Another weekend shooting in Abilene resulted one death Saturday morning at a southside apartment complex.

According to the Abilene police, the body was found before 9 a.m. in Bent Tree Apartments, 2800 South 25th St. It is still unclear what exactly happened, but the suspect is 23-year-old Robert Henry, who allegedly broke into the apartment of Travis Moore, 22, while Moore slept.

Henry allegedly assaulted Moore, who then shot and killed his attacker. Henry was injured and required medical treatment, police reported. He died in an Abilene City hospital.

Moore was arrested for an unrelated warrant, police reported.

Henry's body was sent to Tarrant County for an autopsy, and the case is under investigation.

Police said there is "no continued danger" to residents of Bent Tree Apartments.

Two unrelated shootings, according to police, the previous weekend left Delbert Plimpton dead at a house on Forrest Avenue and Chance Bonni dead at an apartment complex on Fairmount Street.

The police arrested 17-year-old Ethan Caballero of Sweetwater for another alleged shooting incident Saturday afternoon in northeast Abilene.

The young man charged with second-degree felony aggravated assault and murder, state jail felony theft of a firearm, misdemeanor marijuana possession and two misdemeanor drug warrants. His bond totals $126,750.

According to the police, at about 2:55 p.m., police responded to a report of a shooting in the 300 blocks of College Drive. Caballero allegedly came to confront an individual about a relationship with his girlfriend. The victim opened the door and quickly shut it before being shot once in the abdomen. The second shot caused serious injury.

The suspect left the scene in a maroon Chevy Impala with a 17-year-old Abilene woman, police said.

The victim was immediately hospitalized to a hospital in Lubbock and later declared dead.

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