American Hikikomori Is To Be Evicted
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American Hikikomori Is To Be Evicted


New York - May 26, 2018

New York parents started to sue 30-year-old son who refused to move out when he lived free of charge for several years.

Michael Rotondo risk being forcibly removed by county sheriffs if he refused to leave home again, the order signed by State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood on Thursday said.

“It is really not a lot of time. I really don’t understand how that’s necessary,” said Rotondo about a court order.

He dubbed “outrageous” it and vowed to appeal the decision. However, he also acknowledged that he needed to start packing his boxes.

“But I have to pay for the boxes, which might be a problem,” he told the outlet. "And also I can't be grateful for those days conducted with my parents"

Starting in early February, Rotondo's parents written few letters to their son, telling him he needed to get out of their house. But Michael ignored all of these letters. In April, Mr and Mrs Rotondo went to their local town court to see if they could evict their son.

Author: USA Really