New Jersey Police Warn Residents About Disturbing Messages Sent to Juvenile Girls
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New Jersey Police Warn Residents About Disturbing Messages Sent to Juvenile Girls

Bre McGee

SADDLE RIVER, NEW JERSEY — August 29, 2018

New Jersey police are warning parents about a series of strange messages which were recently sent to a number of children in the County of Bergen. The messages mainly targeted juvenile girls.

The text contains the fake message from allegedly Saddle River Police, which states: "STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND RUN AWAY FROM HOME! Bad people are after you. Contact this number when you have done so."

In the message, the word "people" was written with a typo (people).

Officers ask residents who receive this message to immediately contact the police, and parents to warn children not to follow the strange "advice".

"Please speak with your children about this message and how to treat other strange messages in the future. If you or your child received this message please make it a matter of record with your local police department," said a Department statement.

According to the Police Department, the phone numbers from which the messages were sent are not local. Now investigators are looking for the 'source' of the message which has frightened Bergen residents.

Tracy Klima of Saddle River called the message "really creepy to tell children that they ran from the house, it is terrible.”

"My bet would be kids that know the person. Something similar happened to my daughter a few years ago. My daughter was getting calls and texts. She called 911. It was 3 boys my daughter was in school with. They used an app to hide their numbers and show a fake phone number," said another woman Lea Bailey.

The investigation is ongoing.

Author: USA Really