Archbishop Has Gone Into “Hiding” After Publishing Data That the Pope Helped to Cover Up Child Sexual Abuse in the Church
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Archbishop Has Gone Into “Hiding” After Publishing Data That the Pope Helped to Cover Up Child Sexual Abuse in the Church

Max Rossi

MISSOURI — August 30, 2018

The archbishop who exposed the pope for allegedly covering up sex abuse in the church has reportedly gone into hiding, noting that he fears his life is in danger.

Earlier this week a former Vatican diplomat released a historical 11-page testament accusing the Catholic church and the Pope in failing to act on the child abuse scandal and also being complicit in covering it up. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano wrote in a letter that Pope Francis knew of the allegations for years and did nothing to stop it.

“Pope Francis has repeatedly asked for total transparency in the Church. He must honestly state when he first learned about the crimes committed by McCarrick, who abused his authority with seminarians and priests. In any case, the Pope learned about it from me on June 23, 2013, and continued to cover him,” Vigano’s statement says.

He immediately asked Pope for his resignation and went into “hiding”. In particular, he thinks that these statements have put the Pope into a world of hurt and the high-level Catholic church officials may want to silence him on the Pope orders.

He admitted he asked to buy an airplane ticket with the help of Italian blogger Aldo Maria Valli.

“He will leave the country. He cannot tell me where he is going. I am not to look for him. His old mobile phone number will no longer work. We say goodbye for the last time.” Valli said of what the archbishop told him.

Valli confirmed this fact for EWTN media and added Viganò really fears for his safety and that his life might even be in danger.

“Also what’s being discussed is the safety of Archbishop Vigano,” EWTN Catholic journalist Edward Pentin reported on Monday. “He fears that by coming forth with a lot of these allegations that his life is actually in danger.”

He added that he believes that it is at least strange that the 78-year-old former apostolic nuncio should hide because he told the truth about his fellow Apostolic successors.

Viganò’s colleague, Monsignor Jean François Lantheaume, whose job it was to inform Cardinal McCarrick of the news that Pope Benedict XVI had levied sanctions against him because of his abuses, said earlier this week, after confirming the veracity of the Viganò report:

"These may be the last lines I write… if I am found chopped up by a chainsaw and my body sunk in concrete, the police and the hacks will say that we have to consider the hypothesis of suicide!!!" he said.

Earlier this month revelations of abuse in the church involving hundreds of children sexual were released. A scathing grand jury report revealed that hundreds of Catholic priests in the state of Pennsylvania sexually abused young children, a portion focuses specifically on Pittsburgh where nearly 100 priests are accused of running a pedophile ring where they helped each other prey on helpless children with no oversight.

The report claims that at least 99 priests in the Pittsburgh Diocese were involved in the pedophile ring—nine of whom were not named—and they received help from local officials who refused to explore investigations into the abuse because it was considered “bad publicity” for the Catholic Church.

The priests are accused of working together in a predatory ring that was ongoing for years in which they “manufactured child pornography, shared intelligence on victims and gave large gold crosses to certain boys to mark them as already being ‘groomed,’ for abuse,” according to a report from Penn Live.

The abuse has been ongoing for decades, victims have been warning us, and no one has listened until now. If Archbishop Vigano happens to commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head, twice, we may come to find out why it took decades for this disgusting ring of predators to be exposed.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project.

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