Senior Facebook Engineer Explains How Censorship Works: Creates Group for Political Diversity
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Senior Facebook Engineer Explains How Censorship Works: Creates Group for Political Diversity

Facebook/FB’ers for Political Diversity

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA — August 30, 2018

Brian Amerige, a Product Engineering Lead from Facebook announced on Facebook’s internal message board last week his online group called “FB’ers for Political Diversity”, NYT reported.

His post was titled “We Have a Problem With Political Diversity.”

“We are a political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views,” Brian Amerige, wrote in the post. “We claim to welcome all perspectives, but are quick to attack — often in mobs — anyone who presents a view that appears to be in opposition to left-leaning ideology.”

“Your colleagues are afraid because they know that they — not their ideas — will be attacked”, Amerige continued. “They know that all the talk of “openness to different perspectives” does not apply to causes of “social justice,” immigration, “diversity”, and “equality.” On this issues, you can either keep quiet or sacrifice your reputation and career.”

Brian Amerige is focused on building tools for Facebook Group admins. He was also responsible for redesigning much of Facebooks News Feed, commenting, and navigation patterns and knows perfectly how Facebook’s censorship works:

“These are not fears without cause. Because we tear down posters welcoming Trump supporters. We regularly propose removing Thiel from our board because he supported Trump. We’re quick to suggest firing people who turn out to be misunderstood, and even quicker to conclude our colleagues are bigots. We have made “All Lives Matter” a fireable offense. We put Palmer Luckey through a witch hunt because he paid for anti-Hillary ads. We write each other ad-hoc feedback in the PSC tool for having “offensive” ideas. We ask HR to investigate those who dare to criticize Islam’s human rights record for creating a “non inclusive environment.” And they called me a transphobe when I called out our corporate art for being politically radical.”

The new “FB’ers for Political Diversity” group is intended to be a space where you can talk about these issues without fear of the mob and to talk about how we can fix this, Amerige said.

“I’ve been here for nearly 6.5 years and this has gotten exponentially worse in the last 2,” underlined Amerige.

Several other Facebook employees had lodged complaints with their managers about FB’ers for Political Diversity, saying its online posts were offensive to minorities, The New York Times reports.

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