Another Sex and Corruption Scandals With Navy Chiefs In Bahrain
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Another Sex and Corruption Scandals With Navy Chiefs In Bahrain


BAHRAIN – August 30, 2018

Recently, the US army has faced an extremely serious problem, which has nothing to do with the war in Afghanistan or the situation in Syria or Iraq. The trouble came from not waiting – more high-ranking military officers are involved in sex scandals. This time in Bahrain.

According to charge sheets provided to Navy Times, a series of criminal investigations into Bahrain’s sex trade has netted several Navy chief petty officers.

While officials count six known defendants facing court-martial proceedings in the Middle East and in the US — including a lieutenant commander — Navy Times claimed that it has court records tied to four sailors.

Although their alleged crimes and the tawdry details attached to them seem similar, military officials insist that the six cases spun out of separate Naval Criminal Investigative Service probes and are not connected to each other.

“NCIS has opened separate investigations into allegations involving these sailors. The Navy is unable to comment on the details while the investigation is ongoing,” said Cmdr. Joshua Frey, spokesman for U.S. Naval Forces Central Command.

All the defendants have maintained their innocence and their attorneys continue to contest the charges.

The heroes are:

Military prosecutors accuse Chief Operations Specialist Jayson Waitman Grant of participating in a late 2017 venture centered in the Juffair neighborhood of Manama — the capital of Bahrain — which recruited, transported and obtained prostitutes “by means of fraud or coercion.”

Questioned by an NCIS agent on Oct. 5, Grant allegedly lied when he claimed to have never conversed with anyone “regarding housing prostitutes and making money off their sexual acts,” according to his charge sheet.

He also allegedly allowed an unnamed third party to pay his apartment rent, information he was required to disclose to his commanding officer.

Military records show that Grant was assigned to Naval Surface Squadron 5 in Bahrain before he was moved to the Transient Personnel Unit in Norfolk five months ago.

Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class Jihad Hobeson Littlejohn is now assigned to the same Norfolk unit but he served aboard the patrol ship Hurricane until March 9, according to his military records.

Beginning in June 2017 in Manama, he allegedly paid 1,000 Bahraini dinars — about $2,650 — to obtain persons who would perform commercial sex acts; confiscated the passport of an unnamed person; conspired with an NCIS source to recruit and harbor sex workers; engaged in sexual acts with a person not his spouse for money; and sold booze bought at the Navy Exchange in Bahrain to a third party.

The Cyclone-class Hurricane is homeported in Manama.

The patrol cruiser Hurricane in 2009 prepares to pull into the Stapleton Pier on Staten Island alongside sister Cyclone-class warship Tempest. (Navy) The patrol cruiser Hurricane in 2009 prepares to pull into the Stapleton Pier on Staten Island alongside sister Cyclone-class warship Tempest. (Navy)

Chief Logistics Specialist Calvin Halfacre of Coastal Riverine Group 2 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, faces both solicitation and rape charges.

He’s accused of three rapes allegedly committed in Juffair on June 17, June 24 and Sept. 12, 2017.

Because of the way Navy officials redacted the passages in Halfacre’s charge sheets, it remains unclear whether investigators suspect there was one or more alleged victims.

In September 2017, Halfacre allegedly conspired with two unidentified sailors to impede a federal criminal investigation by revealing the contact information of an NCIS source.

He also faces charges for allegedly procuring prostitution services in Bahrain twice in July 2017 and on another occasion two months later.

He was assigned to Coastal Riverine Group 2′s Bahrain detachment between late 2016 and early 2018, according to military records.

Now with Norfolk’s Transient Personnel Unit, Chief Logistics Specialist Earl Anthony McLaughlin has been charged with attempting to impede the investigation into Halfacre.

McLaughlin was assigned to NAVCENT in Manama at the time of his arrest, according to his military records.

It is no secret that among all NATO countries, the US is the leader in the number of sexual crimes. In the US army the number of women has reached 15%. Annually more than five thousand of them report harassment. The loudest incident on sexual grounds is the 2017 story when U.S. Navy sailors posted in social networks photos of naked female soldiers from the marine corps. Some of them didn't even know they were being photographed. For horny Marines the Secretary of defense James Matthias had to take the rap. He called the incident "lack of respect for human dignity." An internal investigation was conducted, but the results are not known yet.

 In early February 2018, the American Congress received materials on mass harassment and rapes in elite military universities — West Point, air force and Navy academies. West Point last year recorded 50 such incidents, which is almost two times more than in 2016.

The moral character of the American armed forces in recent years leaves much to be desired. With all these liberal transformations the situation did not improve, but rather worsened. After all, since women began to serve together with men (in the common crews, in particular) and on the same terms, the number of sexual crimes in the US army has only increased. These numbers have increased even more, as noted by WND, after permission to serve in the army of gays and lesbians. At the same time, the number of male victims of rape has increased significantly.

We believe that the US army is not the most convenient ground for political games. After all, the legalization of marijuana in a number of States has not led to the abolition of the ban on the admission to the army of heavy "weed" smokers  and drug addicts. And populist moves to lift bans for military service for sexual minorities are clearly not what the US military needs against the background of the scandals that regularly arise around them.

Author: USA Really