Is It a Crime to Be Russian in America Nowadays?
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Is It a Crime to Be Russian in America Nowadays?



A week ago the chief-editor of USA Really Alexander Malkevich was a guest of Grant Burningham’s program “Bots & Ballots” at Yahoo News radio. Let’s discuss this interview from the perspective of whether freedom of speech is still important for American society, or it can be diminished by the context and abandoned by certain political forces, as the witch-hunt on Russian “trolls” continues to gather momentum.

This is an issue Mr. Burningham also considers to be significant, so first of all he pointed out USA Really isn’t “fake news”, paying more attention to the agenda of our media, which is devoted to covering most important and controversial topics of American social and political life, including Black Lives Matter protests, illegal immigration, economic crisis, as well as the loudest regional news, which often don’t get into the sphere of interest of mainstream American media. Or, just hushed up?

“Thank you for an opportunity to speak and to defend my position”, said Alexander Malkevich in his greeting words, praising the fact of cooperation Yahoo News and USA Really currently has, which is also a true sign of the potential beginning of the dialogue between media sources with different world perceptions all over the States. – “I’m a journalist, I’ve been working as a journalist for 25 years, but I’m also an active man in the Russian civil society, since I work at the Civic Chamber of Russian Federation, where notable and well-known people from different spheres work”

“To tell you the truth, I was a little bit offended, when I encountered the manifesto of USA REALLY news agency, saying all American mainstream media are controlled by the oligarchy and the establishment…” – asked a frank question Mr. Burningham, trying to realize what he and the company he works at are doing wrong.

“Well, wherever you go, you’d meet censorship. Everywhere, including social networks: Facebook, Twitter… it’s strange to see it in the country with such great Constitution and a number of amendments considering freedom of speech, freedom of media” - responded Alexander Malkevich, pointing out many voices are being shut in nowadays America, for instance – as for one of the latest examples – that was a voice of Alex Jones, an oppositional American journalist, who has got millions of subscribers, and whose accounts have been banned in the vast majority of leading social networks. – “We have no censorship in USA Really, and all our authors can prove it”.

“There are many different news stories on your website: from environmental to MAGA agenda topics, how do you pick these stories?” continued the interview Mr. Burningham.

“Our policy is simple: to give a voice to everybody, who wants to be heard”, the USA Really chief-editor said in turn. – “You know, we are just starting: we opened our website on the 28th of May in test period, but from the very first day we’ve been struggling in this information war. This is, by the way, the example what “deep state” is. It’s real”.

Mr. Burningham then paid attention to the ongoing campaign to blame Russia for “meddling into the election” connected the facts of USA Really accounts banning with it, and ask Alexander Malkevich to comment on this issue:

“I think it’s all about fantasies of people from this “deep state”, because how could Russia influence the results of the election? It’s just strange. It’s really humorous to hear the claims from America special services, that 10-12 Russian hackers could do that. You know the power of CIA and FBI. I think it’s all about money and increasing money for special services, and also… to “improve democracy” in Russia: the Congress is now discussing it, so to spend million dollars on this process. Many media sources and NGO’s in Russia get money from the U.S., so to influence our political system. I simply can’t understand, why one little Russian project can’t work in the U.S. USA Really news agency isn’t financed by Russian government: we live on donations, unlike Russia Today, for instance”.

Talking about “Russian trolls”, the chief-editor of USA Really pointed out that mainstream American media do it only for money purpose as well. “We don’t have any certain interest in the November election, which is hard to realize for some people in Washington”, added Alexander Malkevich.

Grant Burningham also asked a question, regarding legal status of USA Really.

“We want to work legally in the United States: to have a bank account, to pay taxes, to hire local people, but, once again, from the very first day we’ve been fighting against accusations of us being “Russian” and “pro-Kremlin”…but, is it crime now to be Russian in the U.S.? Yesterday I went to a book store and found out there were as many as four full book shelves with the books on “evil Russia” without any facts. Is it normal? And I’m upset with this kind of a journalism” – pointed out the chief-editor of USA Really.

Author: USA Really