INFO WARS Accounts Are Restored: Maybe the Conspiracy Theorists Were Right?
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INFO WARS Accounts Are Restored: Maybe the Conspiracy Theorists Were Right?


AUSTIN, TEXAS — August 31, 2018

In early August 2018 the entire world eagerly discussing the news about the coordinated attack by Apple, Facebook, Google/Youtube, and Spotify against Alex Jones We also did not stay away from this event.

Our articles have received quite a lot of feedback. Most viewed the coordinated attack on Alex Jones as an “attack on free speech” and a “conspiracy of the Deep state.” However, there were those who were inclined to think that all this is nothing more than a competent campaign to promote the next hidden figure.

Disputes in this regard are conducted to this day, however, if the first point of view is widely represented, the second is not particularly distributed. We believe that these actions were wrong, but we also believe that it is necessary to give the floor to the other side, even if our view is not always the same.  Below are excerpts of such messages:

"... As we can see from this joyful INFO WARS message, Facebook, YouTube, Apple and even Google has completely reversed its position and reinstated the accounts INFO WARS as in sync as they were off. Thus, the naive audience again have been played like puppets, and nobody listened to the wise people.  However, this is not the main thing..."

".... Mr. Alex Jones is a very serious person, with very serious patrons. So serious that in the summer 2001, he warned in advance about the upcoming September 11 in the US:

...Based on this, we assumed that the “blocking of accounts” – this is nothing more than an action to promote INFO WARS and draw attention to the “fighters for the truth” before some very Big Events. We believe that after some hype with “blocking of accounts” everything will be settled then it will be necessary and to wait for that Big Event which INFO WARS and will “correctly cover” as CNN already nobody especially believes. "

Like it or not, the authors of these text were right. Now, as you can see, INFOWARS accounts will soon be restored. Perhaps these commentators are right, and another very serious event is not far off?

Author: USA Really