WV Rally Provides Trump Platform for Wishful Thinking and Some Truth!
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WV Rally Provides Trump Platform for Wishful Thinking and Some Truth!


President Trump held a West Virginia rally in mid-August, shortly after his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen had pleaded guilty and former campaign manager Paul Manafort had been convicted. Few in the Mountain State could have cared less, and Trump did not even mention them in his speech.

What few pundits are writing is that he carried the state by 42 points in the 2016 election, not out of love for him or the Republican party but because there was no alternative. This is what has the Democratic establishment so worried, especially considering upcoming midterm elections.

West Virginians simply hated Hillary and everything she and the Democratic Party had come to represent, including chicanery such as superdelegates. People here don’t vote for a candidate but against others.

Trump’s speech covered a range of the topics he frequently brings up, including his administration’s economic accomplishments, immigration and the military.

President Donald Trump is good at public speaking, using simple language and not talking over the heads of common folk, and he is never short for words. Not that he is saying anything new, or that we should put much faith in what he says. But he charmed the people of West Virginia with rhetoric.

He bragged about how great the country is doing and took the lion’s share of the credit. True to form, Trump was guilty of considerable exaggeration, especially when describing how steel and coal are making a rapid comeback. He claimed that” US Steel announced a massive infusion of cash. They are opening seven different plants.” In US Steel is restarting two shuttered mills. Other companies are re-opening or building a few other mills, but Trump’s claims are still more hot air than fact.

Trump was in WV. to prop up Patrick Morrisey, a Republican running for the Senate. Whether he has done this by behaving this way, or whether the sanctions war with China will make his claims real, remains to be seen.

But such bluster is common to his MO, and by touting tax reform, a soaring economy, his hopes for better trade deals and his pledge to rescue West Virginia’s flagging coal industry, he is trying to turn the fundamentally negative vote which put him in office into a positive one, which is on balance a good thing.

Now that the MSM is again supplied with ammunition over his taste in high level call girls, it is doubtful if we will be hearing much in the news about his real or perceived accomplished, as there is little market for news these days.

Would it not have been better for him to have just paid them up front than to have to pay them off later and made America an international laughing stock. It is as if the media and political elites are more concerned on entertaining the masses than in facing real issues, actual social problems and looking for sustainable solutions.

Trump is like a Weather Vane

This WV rally may be the turning point in Trump’s career as things among all the president’s men start spinning of out control as the pots continue to call the kettles black. One thing is for sure, the media has done a job, and has had a “job-done-on-it too” by Trump and team; he manipulated them into getting him elected.

Meanwhile, Americans are not to be told who is or is not in their best interests as president, and don’t be surprised when REAL Americans in places like West Virginia and small towns across this country give Trump four more years in the Oval Office.

It would be nice to believe that President Trump doesn’t care about support from the media, the swamp, or the politicians who created the BIG mess that is America today.

But he does, and WV was a high point in his career, and if he loses face in WV so will go his fate with the rest of the country.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman