Ex-student Who Pretended to Be a Doctor at Irvine Hospital, Grossly Mistaken on Diagnosis
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Ex-student Who Pretended to Be a Doctor at Irvine Hospital, Grossly Mistaken on Diagnosis

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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA — September 2, 2018

A young man was charged with a felony count of providing medical diagnosis while impersonating a doctor and eight misdemeanor counts of misrepresenting oneself as a licensed medical practitioner, according to the Orange County district attorney’s office. The suspect has been identified as AriyaOuskouian, 23.

According to the prosecutors' data, Ouskouian got a job at the hospital when he said he misplaced his hospital badge before requesting a temporary one. When applying for a job, he claimed to be 27, and an established doctor who knew his work.

He got a job at both UCI and Children’s Hospital of Orange County. He also is accused of impersonating a doctor at Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) at least seven times between April 23 and June 4.

Officials allege he claimed to be a doctor while diagnosing a patient about a growth on his neck at a UCI consult room May 3.

In addition, Ouskouian made a gross mistake with the diagnosis while working at CHOC. Instead of the diagnosis of a common cold, he pointed out that the child has an acute stage of pneumonia.

After this incident, the security service was instructed to check his status as a doctor.Ouskouianthe provided the name of a person at UC Irvine, authorities said.

“The defendant is further accused of convincing the UCI personnel of his alleged doctor status. The UCI personnel then verified Ouskouian to CHOC,” the DA’s office said.

CHOC alerted the Orange Police Department, which investigated the case.

Ouskouian was arrested and released on bond, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Department records. Authorities provided no further information about Ouskouian.

If convicted of all charges, he could face three years in state prison and eight years in Orange County Jail, authorities said.

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