New Fashion Trend Stuns Social Networks
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New Fashion Trend Stuns Social Networks


CALIFORNIA – September 3, 2018

Everyone loves fashion, it is one of the most popular themes on social media today. We live in a century where it has become essential to keep track of new clothes, hairstyles, and jewelry. Every year fashion becomes more and more avant-garde in search of a new look.

However, the fashion of the previous period always seems the most unsuccessful to us: only after thirty or forty years, the outfits from the two-thousands have passed into the category of 'vintage' and accumulate a romantic aura, as is now happening with outfits from the eighties. A return to the 00's is not quite in sight as of yet.

Practical tips and strategies from fashion magazines are not very important nowadays: any fashionista knows about the combination of a 'millennial' pink oversized-bomber, mules, and crop tops. Style Icon and American model, Bella Hadid has confirmed this -- she wears denim shorts with elegant pumps, and everyone is delighted.

For example, Thomas Frey, an American futurist and celebrity speaker, presented in his speech at the Moscow International Forum City of Education his predictions for the fashion styles of the next 10 years.

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Another completely new trend in fashion to skin jewelry. The flesh-like necklaces you've been seeing on your Instagram feed are actually part of a new interactive exhibit.

A. Human, a progressive new fashion brand, is opening a flagship store for New York Fashion Week.

“A. Human presents a future where fashion is defined by how you reimagine your body,” according to the company.

This theatrical art experience was produced by the Society of Spectacle [SOS], which "brings together choreographed spectacles, designed to excite, provoke, and entertain audiences around the world,” experts say.

After big-name celebrities like Kardashian posted about the fashion line, the brand has been getting a lot of online attention. Reactions have varied and people cannot wait to see the collection in person.


@ahuman Pinnacle SS19 by Nicola Formichetti coming soon. ???? @louiebanksshoots #ahuman

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KIM Kardashian is used to causing a stir on social media – and her latest bizarre necklace certainly did the trick.

On Monday, another reality star wore a skin-toned piece of jewelry around her neck which creepily resembled an alien growth.

New Fashion Trend Stuns Social Networks

The necklace looks like it was under her skin, but was actually a clever piece to promote a new art exhibition.

Kim's pal Chrissy Teigen also wore a piece in promotion - a feather-adorned breast piece that looked like it was growing from her chest.


Other pieces in the unusual collection include heels shaped like conch shells.

All this is very interesting, albeit very ugly. However, it seems that we have now become accustomed — and we ready now to wear sneakers with elegant dresses, dress up for parties in sweatpants and pajamas, choose jackets three sizes larger than necessary.  whatever seemed impossible before becomes simple and normal. Ugly fashion is a trend. For fashion freaks — the new normal.

We are ready to experiment with anything new just to stand out. As a result, there are crowds of people in ridiculous clothes in the streets, convinced that their style is unique.

At the heart of it all is a desire to dress as strange as possible out of fear and fastidiousness towards the mainstream. As Trendera's analyst Megan Collins, who studies trends of different generations, said earlier, modern man is most afraid to look ordinary, despite he in many cases surpassed in nature.

"We live in a world in which our lives are constantly in sight. We don't want others to see us the same as everyone else. Moreover, we are seriously puzzled by the creation of a brand identity that will be unique and will have prospects. If someone categorizes your stuff as basic, it destroys your entire brand and everything you've worked so hard on," she says.

"Everybody wants something individual, special, unique, and as a result, we become more selfish than ever," says Collins.

This is the main problem of fashion today. People experiment, they  wear stranger and stranger things, and sometimes they go out practically naked, covering only the chest and the area just below the abdomen. They cut strange patterns on their bodies,  even tattoos are too mainstream and almost out of fashion. They naturally also put sticks and rings all in their body, or change their gender. And all this because a person wants to be individual, he wants to stand out among others, without thinking for a second about the consequences.

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