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Boston Primaries Party

Pressley Capuano Race

Quite a sensation happened on Tuesday in Massachusetts’s 7th Congressional District, which includes roughly half of the state’s population and the biggest city – Boston. The highly diverse community, where about 33 % of the electorate are White, 26 % are Black, 21 % are Hispanic and no less than 10 % are Asian chose Ayanna Pressley as their nominee for the Congress.

The 7th District has become the only one among 9 Massachusetts Congressional Districts, where the incumbent lost, and Pressley’s victory was decisive: she received 55.743 votes (which is 58.9 %), whilst her opponent, Mike Capuano only gained 38.925 votes (or 41.1 %). This is a true sign that many young Democratic voters want to see a change in the party they support.

Thus, Pressly, who might become the first African-American woman to serve as a state’s representative from Massachusetts, defeated incumbent representative Mike Capuano, who has been holding this position since 2013.

She is 44 years old now and well-known for her public activities in support of sexually abused women. Pressly knows what she talks about, since she was abused, as a child. She has also been listed as number 20 in the list of “100 Most Influential People in Boston” this year and was listed among “14 Young Democrats to watch” by The New York Times in 2016.

Capuano claimed he did everything to win the re-election, but his efforts weren’t enough, so he told his supporters in a very sad way:

"…apparently the district just is very upset with lots of things that are going on. I don't blame them. I'm just as upset as they are, but so be it. This is the way life goes…"

Pressley, in turn, is now all-ready to represent an area of Massachusetts once served by Democratic icons Tip O'Neill and John F. Kennedy.

"Change is coming and the future belongs to all of us…" - Pressley told her cheering supporters the night she defeated Capuano.

Massachusetts is one of the most prominent Democratic strongholds in the States: back in 2016, during the Presidential election, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump, garnering an overwhelming 60 % of the vote compared to just 32.81 % of the vote for Trump. Yet, it’s unclear if Ayanna Pressley might repeat such a victory in the future or not, since she lacks experience and never claimed she would run for presidency, yesterday she took an important step forward for her political career, so it's going to be really interesting to follow the news from Massachusetts this November.

Author: USA Really