Be a “Real” American, Get Vaccinated, and Forget Informed Consent!
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Be a “Real” American, Get Vaccinated, and Forget Informed Consent!


It appears that anything which steps out of line with traditional thinking, like not buying into the widely accepted practice or children to be vaccinated with a combination of vaccines at such an early age, will get you listed amongst less desirable company, or even labeled as a conspiracy theorist.

A headline in the Washington Post, August 27, 2018 is revealing: Russian Trolls, Twitter bots exploit debate on vaccines. It is like the debate about these vaccines did not exist before Russian trolls and bots took the cause to heart, and organized so many people to question their safety and utility. It did of course, but when you don’t have an argument, it says that the latest bogeyman is sponsoring the other side.

Nowadays anytime you see something which is out of step with what government and public health authorities tell you is for your own good, it must be those pesky Russians and subversives’ at work. Therefore, you no longer qualify for freedom of speech, or job security.

You can even lose your job as a nurse in the US for posting your private opinion about the safely or benefits of measles vaccination, as now practiced. Does she and others like her have the inside story about something that the rest of us should know?

To be against these vaccines is to be anti-American to boot. Perhaps the nurse deserved to be terminated, not because of her opinions but over violation of privacy issues. But the motivation behind this is clear — it will dissuade others in the medical field from voicing their opinions too freely.

We have heard this all before, both during elections and now in the public health sphere: spreading the anti vaccine message means you are in “cahoots” with the makers of clickbait news, as used by Russian trolls to sow divisions among the populace. And to add injury to insult, the Russians are even leading the drive to make people question why there are clean vaccines for elites and who knows what quality for the rest of us.

What happened in 2016, over alleged US election violations, is but a prelude to what is to come for gullible Americans. But the researchers cited in the above-mentioned articles and links still cannot explain to what extent the dissemination of “negative information” about vaccines influences people’s behavior, or how it has contributed to the general anti-vaccine sentiment one way or another.

Apparently the Russians are one up on the rest of us, as they know all the weak points in the American mindset, one conditioned by years of mindless public education. As the article describes …the research “shows that Russian-backed accounts were designed with the intention to create discord on very particular and much nuanced issues in American Culture”. Yet it seems Americans themselves are unable to do this, leaving them the dumbest nation on earth, sitting duck for foreign exploitation.

The debate about these combined vaccines has been going on a long time, and amongst those not using the internet. It therefore stems from the US population. Apparently religious minorities are in the pro-Russian camp too, as they cannot cite their faith as the basis of their views in this land of the free.

As my own daughter in law recently wrote me, about my three-year old granddaughter, West Virginia is screwed up; it is one of the only States that doesn't recognize religious or philosophical views on vaccinating, leaving the only explanations for these views as ignorance, or the Russians.

Let’s not forget what the drug companies and the US government are doing in foreign countries with their clinical trials and experimental vaccines. Some of these are donated by the US Department of Defense, naturally for the public good. 

I remember that once in Georgia a little Downs girl that I had raised for most of her short life of 14 years, who was not my daughter, was suffering from measles, and the public health infectious disease hospital insisted that the biological mother and I both be vaccinated for measles. They were taken aback when we refused, as I had learned when I was at university and in the US military, working in bio warfare programs, that once you have had measles, as we had, you have lifetime immunity.

The vaccine they wanted to give us had been donated by the US Department of Defense. It is not difficult to understand that nothing is free in this life. As the Russians say, “the only thing that is free is bait in a trap.”

Anything out of line with “accepted” thinking, such as anything you read on this site, is part of a grand conspiracy to spread discourse, turn Americans against each other and agencies of the US government such as the Center for Disease Control. How convenient for official America, the powers to be and the MSM, to have such a convenient excuse to explain away anything which is not “goose stepping” with the collective mindset of public health or conventional thinking.

Any time you see a site that debates the vaccine issue, and purports to be presenting research one way or the other, you are likely being misled. If you do not accept what you read at face value, and exercise your democratic right to participate in such a debate, this imputes your loyalty as an American citizen.

But the free internet is the real problem, as far as the US government is concerned. There is a long history of the mainstream media and powers that be being afraid of this and other sites.

Now people are getting tired of hearing about Russia, someone else has to get the blame, and they are never accused of hijacking sources which can be checked and monitored, where what is said about them can also be checked and monitored, but the internet, where both sides can get away with anything.

Take the recent front page of USA Today: “Iran used Facebook to target liberals in the USA, and how it is waging a covert campaign to sway U.S. voters.” Most media outlets are painting the same picture, in light of declining print media readership. They may just have a financial interest in claiming that much of what you read is a covert disinformation campaigns by the likes of Russia and Iran, and only their outlets are trustworthy.

Maybe China will be accused next, by the same outlets which gleefully record yet another sale of essential infrastructure to the Chinese. This process subverts America more than any foreign intelligence meddling could, but as long as it is acceptable foreign interference, it just justifies blaming public opinion on other foreign powers. “We are patriots, not racists”.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman