Nevada GOP Primary Winner Hof Is Accused of Sexual Assault for the Fourth Time
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Nevada GOP Primary Winner Hof Is Accused of Sexual Assault for the Fourth Time


CARSON CITY, NV – September 06, 2018

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said Wednesday night that his office responded after a woman at a hospital made a complaint that Dennis Hof had raped her sometime over the weekend. He declined to say whether the woman worked for Hof at one of his brothels, citing a desire to protect the woman's privacy.

“Based on a request from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Investigation Division, is conducting an investigation into sexual assault allegations against Dennis Hof,” the department said in a statement to The Nevada Independent. “As this is an ongoing investigation, no further information can be provided at this time.”

Hof, who is running as a Republican this year for a state Assembly seat and is seeking a seat from a southern district near the city of Pahrump, said in a statement Wednesday that he is cooperating with the investigation but denies any wrongdoing, The State wrote.

"While he has his suspicions, at this time Mr. Hof does not know exactly what the allegations are, who made them or when the alleged incident supposedly took place," Hof's campaign said in a statement. "Nevertheless, he completely and totally denies that any such incident occurred and believes the allegations are groundless and politically motivated."

Furlong said that because Hof is a political candidate and there's a contentious battle over brothels in his neighboring county, "we just felt it was better if it was handled by the state."

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has reported that three former prostitutes accused Hof of sexual assault in 2005, 2009 and 2011 at his Bunny Ranch brothel near Carson City and Love Ranch brothel outside Las Vegas, nevertheless no charges were ever filed against Hof.

Hof in the past has pushed back forcefully against the allegations, calling them “muckraking in the political cesspool,” The Nevada Independent said.

Dennis Hof defeated Assemblyman James Oscarson in the Republican primary for a rural Assembly seat this June and will face Democratic school administrator Lesia Romanov in the general election in the heavily Republican district.

The state Department of Public Safety investigation was first reported by The Nevada Independent Tuesday night. When the reporter reached Hof by phone on Tuesday and asked about the investigation, Hof replied, “I wonder who they paid this time,” an apparent suggestion that his political foes are trying to pay accusers to sully his reputation.

He’s also been fighting with the Nye County Commission, which revoked his brothel license in August over late application fees; he recently won it back after filing a federal lawsuit claiming commissioners were biased against him and should have recused themselves from voting on his license because he has sued them, according to report.

In 2015, Dennis Hof’s employees founded a semi-formal organization of Nevada-based sex workers “Hookers for Hillary” who support Hillary Clinton's candidacy in the 2016 United States presidential election.

“Innocent until proven guilty! Strange this is coming out when he's doing so good with his political career. Smells like a skunk...” said one commenter at The Nevada Independent website.

“Funny (or not!) how all this stuff comes out as Hof is advancing in his political career. Hmmm... Something stinks in every single one of these proceedings,” another reader added.

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