“Have You Ever Seen the White Man?”: How American Police Deceives the Public
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“Have You Ever Seen the White Man?”: How American Police Deceives the Public


USA – August 7, 2018

Several users of the anonymous board have noticed that American police has been deceiving the public, categorizing convicted criminals as white, when they clearly were not. Hispanics, Asians and sometimes even criminals with visible African-American roots have been portrayed as “whites” in the mug shots.

It’s interesting, that according to the data provided by the US Department of Justice African-Americans are responsible for about 52.5 % of homicides across the country, at the same time whites only commit 45.3 % of such crimes. Also, if we analyze the makeup of American gangs, we would find out almost half of their members (46 %) are of Hispanics origin, 35 % are Blacks, yet Whites only make it up to 11.5 % and Asians aren’t listed there at all.

Yet, as we reveal whom American police have for years been calling “whites”, the percentage of the crimes committed by this racial group might “decrease” dramatically, contributing to the growth of the crime rates among African-Americans, Hispanics and other diverse parts of American society.

Well-known, if we believe in the official data provided, at the end of 2016, federal and state prisons in the United States held about 486,900 inmates who were black and 439,800 who were white – a difference of just 47,100, according to BJS.

In 2009, by comparison, there were 584,800 blacks and 490,000 whites – a difference of 94,800. (This analysis counts only inmates sentenced to more than a year.) The decline in the black-white gap between 2009 and 2016 was driven by a 17% decrease in the number of black inmates during that span, which outpaced a 10% decrease in the number of white inmates.

It’s also pretty possible, that the claimed “narrowing of the gap” between the numbers of whites and non-whites sentenced and sent to prison is also fake since this is more of a matter of who the police call “white”.

Author: USA Really