Disabled People Are Dying from Improper Medical Treatment and Harassment in the U.S.
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Disabled People Are Dying from Improper Medical Treatment and Harassment in the U.S.


TORRANCE, CA – September 8, 2018

USA Really has received a letter from Revekka (Riva) Yevdayev, the mother of Anna Galeyeva. Riva’s story is tragic and terrible. Riva originates from the family which suffered under fascism and Holocaust. Riva’s daughter Anna was born in the former USSR. On March 8, 1992, Riva and Anna moved to the U.S. During 1994 – 1997 Anna’s condition started getting worse and with help of Jewish organization, Riva was finally able to receive services from Harbor Regional Center (HRC) in Torrance, CA.

But instead of proper medical treatment and care, HRC personnel demonstrated its incompetence, that lead to permanent overdosing Anna with heavy drugs like Haloperidol, Lorazepam, Zonegran and other medications.

Disabled People Are Dying from Improper Medical Treatment and Harassment in the U.S.

A few months later Anna’s condition slowly started improving and Riva hoped to find a Day Program for her daughter because Riva had to find a job. Riva asked HRC on numerous occasions for help. HRC ignored all her requests. After not being able to get help from HRC, Riva ended up placing Anna in a group home.

Anna was getting worse again. She was depressed and was suffering seizures. Riva became very exhausted from taking care of depressed Anna and battling with HRC trying to get help for her child. During one episode, Riva was helpless and called the police begging them to take Anna into a specialized neurological hospital. Anna was taken away.

Instead of a hospital, the depressed and disabled child with the capacity of a 6 year-old was placed in jail. She wasn’t given her medications and as a result her seizures escalated, and by the time Riva found out where she was she had broken a tooth. Riva had to post a $3000 bail to get her out.

In 2007, Anna started suffering from depression again and as result had numerous visits to ER at the College Hospital in Costa Mesa, CA.

The HRC counselor tried to convince the Court that was the reason for Anna’s depression was Riva’s negligence and that she would get even worse. However, the lawyer-hired psychiatrist testified several times that Anna’s condition is ongoing and her depression is not a result of where she is at the time. He also suggested that the least stressful situation for Anna would be to stay at home with her mom.

In late 2008, Riva received a message that she should appear in Court with Anna on December 2, 2008, and no explanation was given. When they arrived in Court, Anna was taken from her mother and taken to jail. She was not given any reasonable explanation; they just repeated the same information provided by HRC 2 years before.

Anna spent 2 weeks in jail without medication. Because of numerous seizures she ended up with a broken leg.

After jail, Anna was put into Ambitions Group Home.

“The reason she ended up going to jail and then to the group home away from her family and real home, is that Harbor Regional Center is doing everything possible to keep Anna in the system, because the government pays them $18,000 per month for every person”, Riva said.

For many years I have been fighting to get my daughter out of the System, but the Department of Mental Health with full support of Department 95-A is intentionally holding my daughter for their financial gain, professionally terrorizing and destroying humans’ health and lives”, Anna’s mother explained.

“In June 2013 due to horrible bruises on Annas’ body Police was called – but they were not allowed to take pictures.”

Disabled People Are Dying from Improper Medical Treatment and Harassment in the U.S.

On 06/07/2013 U.S. president Barak Obama, while visiting state of CA, shamelessly congratulated the governor of the state, Jerry Brown, for what he called a well reorganized Health System.

Thus, the president himself was complicit in covering up the crimes committed by “reorganized” System.

 “One day, Anna called and said that she is not Jewish anymore,” Riva continues her horrible story. “One of the staff by name Silvia had given her cross and told her, that from now on she is a Christian. Before Anna was not allowed to speak with me in Russian. Now System wants her to forget her identity. My mother, survivor of Holocaust, under the Nazism didn’t go through as my daughter goes through in “Democratic country”.

“In spite of brave proclamations of Government, Americans are getting poorer and poorer. To keep the  empty dollar alive the US is searching for the absence of human rights all around the world, but in reality they are actually chasing only one goal – to start new wars, mercilessly sending young people to die while filling its’ pockets. When those kids come back with PTSD, the mental health system “gladly” accepts them, making  money off them again. This is just what happened to my friends’ son Misha Bluvsteyn, who wanted to be a Doctor. The System used him, promising “golden mountains”. But after 4 years of servicing in Iraq, he’s got PTSD which resulted in schizophrenia”, Riva explained to USA Really.


“I was told, that, if I don't close my website, I will never see my daughter again. Richard Peace (a representative of Private group-home Company Ambitions) told me that Anna never will go home, implying that she is his belonging. He knows very well how this Criminal System is organized – it is easy to find innocent people and squeeze out of them for their money untill they die (and afterwards there is always organ sales). Riva became a witness of numerous bruises and scratches on Anna's body. To hide the abuse, the Administrator of Ambition's Group Home prohibited taking pictures with the family.

Because of absence of supervision the highly unprofessional staff is free to do what they want, including over-medicating the residents. This often results in the residents being dizzy and sleepy all day long. This leaves the staff with plenty of time to play on the phone, to watch TV, and gossip. There is no accountability and nobody seems to have any answers.

Very often, instead taking care of residents, staff runs their personal errands, entering falsified information into the log books.

In 2015, the management of Ambitions Inc. in Torrance was changed, However it has not resulted in any improvements:

1. There has been no administrator for few years

2. Overmedication which resulted in heavy irreparable damage to the health of Riva’s disabled daughter

3. Despite many requests, Anna still doesn’t get regular water, enriched with electrolytes, resulting in numerous trips to ER

4. Constant subjection to physical and emotional abuse in the form of beating over the head, teasing, and throwing cold water over the head. Staff allegedly often force-feeds medication to group home members, holding their hands back and closing nostrils at the same time

5. In order to maintain this system, constant and routine fabrication and falsification of documents is employed by various associated professionals

6. Violation in patients’ confidentiality by leaving private medical information (which supposed to be locked) around house and used as scratch paper

7. In spite of court orders made several years ago, Anna didn’t get any dental work to replace 2 teeth, because the money, collected out of Anna’s pocket – was stolen.

8.  Highly unsanitary conditions

9. Police reports being filed for welfare checks

10. Licensing investigations

11. Endless trips to ER

12. Promises to order Russian language channels, at least for 10 months to no avail

13. Manipulating of the residents.

Disabled People Are Dying from Improper Medical Treatment and Harassment in the U.S.

The U.S. government pays Harbor Regional Center (HRC) to keep disabled patients there, and in return they receive $18,000 per month per person. However, with time, Anna's health is getting worse and worse.

In 2018, 12 years since Anna was "adopted" by the criminal and corrupt U.S. health-care system, her mother Riva has all but lost her last hopes of seeing her disabled daughter.

This is 21st Century One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest... Working more and more with completely rotten System I fully realize, that the USA doesn't actually protect the fundamental rights declared in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Rigged courts, bribed judges, phony trials, extortion by lawyers... The recent pattern of American violations of international law are ultimately based in the total corruption of the USA legal system. The sad reality is that United States of America, which proclaims itself to be the "land of freedom" has the most dishonest and crooked legal system of any developed nation.

Disabled People Are Dying from Improper Medical Treatment and Harassment in the U.S.

Disabled People Are Dying from Improper Medical Treatment and Harassment in the U.S.

Legal corruption is a massive issue in contemporary America. Regional Centers, as part of this corruption, market themselves as taking clients no one else would. But in reality, they don't want people to leave or get better. The plan is to keep them there and continue to collect their money while spending as little on their care as possible.

“And finally, if any investigation is actually carried out,  tight circles of interconnected business associates in multiple companies rename the company, change their address and then the same criminals are back in business to destroy the lives of more speechless, innocent people” Riva said on her website.

Disabled People Are Dying from Improper Medical Treatment and Harassment in the U.S.

One of Riva’s website visitors confirmed in comment section her story. “Yeah i been up in that courtroom you talking about man...............! I can't believe what I saw up in there:(

It was HUMAN TRAFFICKING modern day form of slavery. It was all kind of human races being transferred as property. It was like the judge was the auctioneer for the human property and the human property was transferred to the new owners the conservator and now the new owners gets to rip off their new properties’ disability checks, social security checks, estates, and Big Pimping the Medi-Cal system. man..............!”

“I receive numerous e-mails saying like "Did forget which country are you from? Be afraid. Be afraid. Go to Police. You never will see your daughter". Corrupted and criminally organized structures of Mental Health System are convulsively fighting for holding its positions and privileges. A full scale investigation must be conducted by independent, decent professionals without any signs of lobbyism. The Health System must be reorganized to stop further humiliation of mercilessly tortured innocent and speechless disabled people,” Riva said in her letter to USA Really. “Please help me bring immediate attention to this case and help me save my daughter’s life!”

Author: USA Really