American Airlines Flight Attendant Forced Passenger to 'Pee in a Bag'
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American Airlines Flight Attendant Forced Passenger to 'Pee in a Bag'


ARIZONA — September 10, 2018

All kidding aside, dear passengers. Keep calm and pee in your bags. An American Airlines flight to Hawaii became a trip from hell when a flushed plane diaper caused toilets to overflow, forcing passengers to urinate in bags and bottles.

On August 31, things got messy aboard flight 663 from Phoenix, Arizona, to Kona, Hawaii. The incident started when a woman desperately tried to use the restroom when a flight attendant who agreed that the situation was 'horrible', suggested that she use a plastic bag.

"What do you mean I have to pee in a bag?" the woman asked. Later when an NBC News 12 reporters asked her about it, she was 'too embarrassed' to reveal her identity and refused to comment.

"They’re overflowing. This one has like this much left," the flight attendant replied. "I know, it's horrible, and guys are going in bottles."

She explained that the toilet onboard was “overflowing” after a passenger flushed a baby nappy down it. Flight attendants also told passengers to use plastic bottles to urinate in while the plane toilets were unable to be used.

"I'm in pain, I think I am going to have a UTI, this is not sanitary for me to use a bag," the passenger counters.

"Well, okay, there's a little [room]. I don’t want you to have to hold it," the flight attendant sympathetically said.

According to the Express, the plane proceeded to land without issue and the toilets were fixed in Hawaii.

Reps for American Airlines confirmed that despite the toilet issue in the high skies, which unfolded two hours before the flight’s scheduled landing, the nearest suitable airport for the plane to land was the destination.

"We are very sorry for the trouble this caused the 187 passengers on flight 663. Our customer relations team will be reaching out to all of the passengers on this flight to extend our apologies," a rep for the carrier confirmed. "At American, lavatories must be working properly prior to departure. If an American flight is in the air, and all lavatories become inoperative, the flight will divert to the nearest suitable airport in order for maintenance to rectify the situation."

"All passengers have been provided 30,000 AAdvantage miles, which is enough miles for a free roundtrip on American," the rep continued. It was later discovered that a diaper had been flushed down one of the toilets, which caused a malfunction.

"Due to the location of the aircraft, the flight continued to its intended destination. The issue was subsequently rectified upon arrival in Kona, and our flight returned to Phoenix as scheduled," it concluded.

Author: USA Really