9/11: Conspiracy, Hoax or Terrorist Attack? After 17 Years, There Are Still Questions
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9/11: Conspiracy, Hoax or Terrorist Attack? After 17 Years, There Are Still Questions


NEW YORK – September 11, 2018

It was, we were soon told, "the day that changed everything," the 21st century's defining moment, the watershed by which we would forever divide world history: before, and after, 9/11.

Less than two weeks after the 11th of September 2001, a very interesting piece of legislation (the so-called Patriot act) was submitted to Congress for approval, which was turned it into a law just a month later. And in early October 2001, the American invasion of Afghanistan began. This is an unprecedented pace of decision-making, preparation and implementation. A pace that raises a significant amount of questions.

The consideration of the so-called anti-terrorism bill called The Patriot Act, which Congress began on 24 September 2001. The bill in General was very remarkable in regards to both its contents, and the method of its introduction.

First, it went to Congress without first going through the channels prescribed by law, that is, without prior discussion under the authority of the Administrative and budgetary offices.

Secondly, the then Attorney General John Ashcroft demanded that Congress adopt it within one week and without changes. Despite such strict and specific instructions, the controversial document still caused some discussion - to the obvious discontent of the Attorney General.

Realizing that it would not be so easy to "push" the bill, Ashcroft,at a joint meeting with the heads of the Senate and The House of Representatives, warned that surely there would be new terrorist attacks, and that Congress would be guilty if the law was not adopted immediatley. It was a clear case of moral blackmail, and the statement itself seemed absurd, but Congress was not prepared to withstand such pressure from the Executive branch.

In any case, to finally "push" the adoption of this act, two particularly stubborn Congressman –Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy,  who had actively opposed it, soon received, by mail, envelopes filled with anthrax.

Republican Congressman Ron Paul said in an interview with the Washington Times that not one Congressman had even read the act. However, it was approved by both houses of Congress on the 12th October and signed by President Bush on October 26, 2001, thereby giving the Patriot act the status of law.

What is the meaning of the Patriot Act?

First, the act gives Federal officials the right to search the home, workplace, computer and private property of all citizens, either without notice or after the fact, after the search has already been carried out.

Secondly, the CIA received an unlimited mandate to, without the need of a court decision, to establish surveillance of its citizens, so long as it is being done "for intelligence purposes." This includes listening to phone calls and tracking the internet activity of the user. By the way, up until this point, the sole mission of the CIA had consisted in intelligence activities exclusively in relation to foreign "elements."

Third, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have the right to request medical, financial and academic records and state archives for any person, only by presenting a warrant, which the court is obliged to issue, if it is required by the investigation to protect against "international terrorism." At the same time, a sufficient reason for the search is not even required, and the organization to which the warrant is presented has no right to inform anyone that the FBI requested this data. Including the one whose data was requested!

Fourthly, the freedom of expression is de facto restricted, because any careless phrase can now be regarded as a terrorist conspiracy. According to this act, domestic terrorism includes "acts which are regarded as attempts by means of threats or violence to influence the political course of the state".

As you can see, the concept of" domestic terrorism " is so vague that almost any political or other activist group (Greenpeace, for example) can fall under this definition. And anyone who disagrees with the actions of the government is also not immune from this. In addition to this act, there were several directives of a similar orientation.

And then on March, 20 2003, the bombing of Baghdad began.

The anticipation of that tragic date, revived conspiracy theories of all kinds. The conspiracy community in the United States was divided: most of the conspiracy theorists hit the prediction of the next date, that is, another false flag 9/11, a smaller part turned to the historical Chronicles of 2001 in search of the truth:

We recall that already on September 11-12, 2001, the entire public drew attention to the fact that the official version of the terrorist attacks did not converge well with reality. The resulting void of credible information was immediately filled by conspiracy theorists, who have been trying to reduce this balance for now more than 10 years. Different theories about what really happened on 9/11 vary widely and include such ideas: there was a mass of nuclear explosions under the skyscrapers, holographic planes, secret weapons, aliens and so on.

 However, the vast majority of "analysts" agree that everything was actually very simple. That is, at first the WTC was simply blown up, then brought down with small directed explosions inside the buildings. And CNN has already shown in computer graphics that special effects were used to create airplanes.   And yet-the public still believed it.

 In the official version, much was not consistent from the beginning, so the first explanations of the terrorist attacks were, in particular, radio beacons that guided autopilot aircraft on target because even for an experienced pilot it would have been an impossible task to drive a huge airliner into such a building relying only on visual landmarks. That is, even conspiracy theorists did not observe the fact that everything that day seemed to work so well.  But the world still listening.

On October 30, 1938, the American radio station " CBS " aired a radio show of the novel by H. G. Wells "War of the worlds," which tells about a landing on the earth by Martians. It happened by chance, either that, or it was a deliberate sociological experiment. Nobody knows for sure, but at least a million radio listeners of "CBS" with the beginning of the broadcast began to grab their weapons, jump in their cars and take their families out of town. And those who had no cars created perimeter defenses at home or fled from the city aimlessly on foot.  That was the way people responded to a hypnotizing voice coming from the ether.

According to conspiracy theorists, on September 11, 2001, there was not only the radio, but also hypnotic moving pictures, supported by the statements of politicians and the entire media establishment, so that the public easily committed the same silly mistake twice. Now, especially in lightof the emergence of new technologies of mass consciousness management, many experts believe that the public will be ready to swallow any pill, no matter how bitter and unreal it is.

Author: USA Really