The Wildfires Strike Back in Montana
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The Wildfires Strike Back in Montana

Broadwater County Disaster and Emergency Services

HELENA, MT – September 11, 2018

This summer season has been characterized by severe wildfires in the Northwestern states, especially – in Montana, where this issue is still really dangerous for the public and structures, local media reports.

A pre-evacuation notice was issued for nearly two-dozen homes near Townsend, Montana after a prescribed burn started a wildfire Monday evening.

Officials said the fire was burning along the north side of Highway 12 about 6 miles east of Townsend. Broadwater County Sheriff Wynn Meehan said the fire was started by a farmer burning off wheat residue along Cottonwood Road, and several hundred acres had burned by about 10 p.m.

Though no known structures had been burned by that time, the pre-evacuation notice affected about nine homes to the east and 12 to the west of the fire. Officials were going door to door to notify the affected residents, and livestock were removed from the area.

"We're probably a half a mile from the nearest residence," Broadwater County Disaster and Emergency Services Coordinator Mike Koehnke said.

The fire was burning in juniper bushes and grass, but no heavy timber. Officials said the behavior of the fire was unpredictable.

"I think they have it anchored off on the north side, but with the constant wind switch, we have to worry about east and west," Meehan said Monday night." ... We've got a couple roads that travel north off of 12 off the hillside, so hopefully if it gets in the area we can get it out as it approaches roadways."

USA REALLY has already pointed out the situation with wildfires in certain areas that might only become worse in the near future, since firefighters often suffer from serious mental and other health problems, that doesn’t let them work in appropriate way.

Author: USA Really