Hurricane Florence Strengthens to Category 4, SC Coast to Be Evacuated
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Hurricane Florence Strengthens to Category 4, SC Coast to Be Evacuated

Twitter/National Hurricane Center

CHARLESTON, SC – September 11, 2018

Disappointing forecasts have been given for the southeastern coast of the US, where hurricane Florence is approaching. Hurricane Florence, packing winds of 140 mph, has quickly strengthened to a dangerous and powerful Category 4 storm and will likely make landfall Thursday evening in North Carolina.

Bringing a devastating storm surge, powerful winds and catastrophic flooding, governors in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland are urging residents to prepare.

The United States Navy has ordered all of its vessels in the area around Hampton Roads, Virginia to "Set Sortie Condition "Charlie" - Make final preparations this weekend to put to sea Monday to avoid Hurricane Florence.

Computer Models dealing with Hurricane Florence are literally all over the place as far a potential track along the US east coast. 

If you live anywhere between Orlando, Fl and New York City, you need to be keeping a very close eye on this because wherever it hits, it's going to do some serious damage; not just with wind, but with enormous storm surges, treacherous surf and life-threatening rip currents.

The storm’s potential path also includes half a dozen nuclear power plants, pits holding coal-ash and other industrial waste, and numerous hog farms that store animal waste in massive open-air lagoons.

Airlines, including American and Southwest, have started letting passengers change travel plans that take them into the hurricane’s possible path.

The governors of North and South Carolina as well as Virginia have already declared a state of emergency in their States. This is done in order to use more reserves, including the national guard, if necessary, to overcome the possible consequences of the disaster.

In announcing his evacuation order, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said an estimated 1 million people would be fleeing the coast. Eastbound lanes of Interstate 26 heading into Charleston and U.S. 501 heading into Myrtle Beach will be reversed when the order takes effect.

An evacuation order from Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam applies to about 245,000 people, including parts of the Hampton Roads area and Eastern Shore.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said his state was “in the bullseye” of the storm and urged people to “get ready now.”

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