Two Inmates Wounded Due to Negligence in Nebraska
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Two Inmates Wounded Due to Negligence in Nebraska

Matt Dixon

LINCOLN – September 11, 2018

Two inmates suffered serious wounds, as their cell doors were mistakenly opened by the guards in Tecumseh State Prison in Nebraska, local media reports. 

Tecumseh Prison is considered to be “troubled” among other prisons, so the negligence of the guards there could be well-predictable.

The incident happened around 10 a.m. Friday, but it only became public knowledge today, releasing inmates who had been sent to the restrictive housing cells for assaults and other serious misbehavior into a common area.

According to the version of the officials, the inmates ignored orders to stay in their cells, and later - refused legal demands to return to their cells. At least two inmates were assaulted, and a fire was set in one of the cells, according to a press release from the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services.

One inmate was stabbed and eventually taken to a hospital in Lincoln for treatment. The second inmate’s injuries were less serious, officials said. The department said an investigation is underway about why the doors of the 16 single-person restrictive housing cells accidentally opened. The doors are operated by a computerized system.

No staff members were in the area when the doors opened. Staff members initially used “chemical agents” in an unsuccessful effort to clear the area and force the inmates back into their cells, the release said. A corrections riot response team was mobilized, but inmates returned to their cells as the team prepared to enter the housing unit.

Tecumseh prison has been the site of two riots in the past three years in which four inmates were killed and cells were vandalized, destroyed and burned.

The prison is the state’s highest-security prison and houses about 960 inmates. The prison is well-known for staffing problems, including high rates of turnover and overtime, because it’s located in a rural area. In recent weeks, the department has been transporting extra corrections officials from Omaha in state-paid vans to fill the ranks.

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