Miss America 2019: How Can We Measure Beauty in the Age of Global Information?
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Miss America 2019: How Can We Measure Beauty in the Age of Global Information?


NEW YORK – September 11, 2018

Our social preference for Beautiful women is one thing that hasn't changed too much over time, as most men will tell you, regardless of where they are from. But are our ideas of beauty different? Beauty pageants  such as 'Miss World', 'Miss Universe' and others, despite being divided into countries, attempt to set a universal stand the beauty in order to choose who is the most beautiful, not only externally but also on the inside.

Laymen often think that beauty contests are only for stunning beauties with long legs and impressive hairstyles who just walk around the stage a bit, sometimes she a tear, but mostly just stay absorbed in the fierce rivalry for the winner crown, for which they are ready to tear each other to shreds.

However, today's contestants won't get far with a bathing suits and a favorable angle in front of the TV, they now must also attention to topical issues on the international agenda.

In 2017, Beauty Queens from Chile, Turkey, Lebanon, Myanmar, Peru, and the US made headlines with unexpected and bewildering political statements.

This can be dangerous ground, and the Beauty Queen's need to carefully consider not only what they say, but also where they go to rest. For example, audience favorite Nia Franklin, who was twice crowned 'Miss America', and before that had the title of 'Miss New York' often discusses her travel plans on Instagram. Now, even in her private life she is expected to perform her role.

Travel plans can have unintended consequences. Contestant Amanda Hannah from Lebanon was able to enjoy the title of 'Miss Lebanon Emigrant' for only a week. In 2016, she went on an educational trip to Israel using her Swedish passport. Officially, Israel and Lebanon were at war at that time, which resulted in serious consequences.

Another participant of the 2015 'Miss Universe' pageant, and 'Miss Lebanon' title holder Sally Greige appeared in a photo with contestants from Japan, Slovenia - and Israel.

The photo was widespread in the media, and the girl was hit by a flurry of accusations that she behaves too friendly with the enemy. After a long apology, she managed to keep the title.

Another important aspect of the pageant is what contestants talk about, and how they talk about it. To have a sense of humor, such as Nia Franklin, to have appropriate political views,  to make official statements, and even to apologize.  At high levels of competition, any word could be their last.

For example, in Turkey, one participant apparently forgot everything the organizers and coaches taught her.

18-year-old Itir Esen tweeted that it was her “time of the month” and then went on to compare it with the Day of Memory Of The Martyrs.

"On the morning of July 15, the day of the martyrs, I celebrate this day with my blood in memory of all the martyrs," she wrote.

The 'Miss Turkey' crown flew off her head a few hours .

The third thing is to have fans. That's right. Nia Franklin's mother teaches fourth grade and you can bet the entire class will be celebrating her big win.

Earlier this month, Franklin took to Instagram for some special fan mail that helped her to show her emotional side.

The fourth personal Hobbies, also called 'beauty from within.' This applies to words and actions. If a girl can talk — that's fine, but if she has a hobby or talent – thats even better. Nia Franklin studied music since childhood, and so she performed an opera song for the talent portion of the competition... she is also a champion for arts education.

According to her contestant bio, she's had a passion for music since she was a little girl.

"I composed my first song at age six," she wrote in the bio. "My dedication to the arts influenced my educational choices, resulting in my master of music composition degree. Although I was a minority in my school, I connected with my peers based on our mutual love of the arts. For the Miss America Organization, I will bring my zeal for music and performance, and be a strong support for arts in education."

The final question is health. Nia Franklin family for instance includes her father, who is a cancer survivor.

In a past Instagram post, she recounted his battle with lymphoma and how she helped save his life with a stem cell transplant.


Did you know I was once a patient at a CMN Hospital? When my dad was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin t-cell lymphoma, he went through chemotherapy but relapsed twice. Finally, his doctors at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, NC, decided that a stem cell transplant would be the best chance at saving his life. They sent him to Duke Medical Center in Durham, NC, which is a CMN hospital. And I was the best stem cell donor match for him. I thank God for saving his life through this miraculous procedure! I haven't shared this picture before. In fact, only family and close friends have seen it. I was embarrassed because I was so bloated. (So vain, I know) The bloating resulted from a series of injections to get my blood ready. I am now empowered by this photo when I look at it. I know that I made a difference in my daddy's life and that is nothing to be ashamed of. My dad received his stem cell transplant on May 1, 2013, and he is alive and thriving, all to the glory of God and his awesome medical team at Duke Medical! The nurses were so sweet, and put a halo on my head because they said I was my daddy’s “angel!” I hope this encourages you to share and speak your truth because you never know who you will inspire and help. #GodisGood #stemcells

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Last month, she posted a video trying to get everyone to support the non-profit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, where she donated the stem cells for her father's treatment.

Another major element of the selection is money. Despite the fact that there is a so-called Aid Fund for Beauty pageants, this is still not enough. You need to have at least a minimum ammount of start-up capital to seriously participate in the competition. Perhaps it sounds funny, but to maintain yourself from the first day to the last and not to withdraw from the race in the second qualifying round, you need to have at least $3 or $5 million to spend on it.

Despite what people say, it's really hard to have the type of beauty that the whole world can appreciate. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, she will be beautiful regardless of whether she has the title of "Miss World" or not.

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