The World’s Fastest Human Challenge Takes Place in Nevada Desert
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The World’s Fastest Human Challenge Takes Place in Nevada Desert

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BATTLE MOUNTAIN, NEVADA – September 11, 2018

The world’s fastest humans will attempt to break the current land speed record of 89.59 mph in Battle Mountain during the 6-day event. During the week of September 10th through September 15th 2018, cyclists from around the world will gather on State Route 305 outside of Battle Mountain.

Teams will compete with their high-tech pedal powered bullet-bikes in the World Human Powered Speed Challenge to achieved amazing speeds setting many National and World records.

Todd Reichert of team Aerovelo, Toronto Canada, set the Men’s record of 89.59 mph here in 2016; Barbara Bautois from Draveil, France, set the women’s record here in 2010 at 75.69 mph. The record for the newly adopted category of Multi-track was set by Gareth Hanks of team Tri-Sled from Berwick Australia at 73.95 mph.

This will be the 19th consecutive year of competition at this site, home of one of the straightest, flattest and smoothest roads in the world.

Highway SR 305 just south of town possesses the unique traits necessary for these highly engineered bicycles to achieve top speeds. The 4,619ft (1,408m) altitude road allows riders an acceleration zone of more than 5 miles, enabling them to reach their maximum velocity before being timed over a 200 meter distance. The section of the road used for this event was paved in 2009, with a smooth surface specially prepared for human powered cycle racing by Frehner Construction and the Nevada Department of Transportation using a Nevada Department of Tourism Grant from the US government.

The longstanding partnership between Lander County and the IHPVA has motivated both to create an independent permanent facility in Battle Mountain specially created for human power events, record attempts as other like minded endeavors. The IHPVA and Lander County are currently seeking partnerships to make this dream facility into reality.

Teams and riders participating in the World Human Power Speed Challenge Week this year:

University of Toronto (Canada)

This team is back with Eta Prime, with Calvin Moes as the sole rider. He was fastest last year, but fell just short of 80 mph. The team has also decided to resurrect their Bluenose which was damaged heavily last year.

Team GeeBee (USA)

Garrie Hill is back with a new racer 16 year old Ishtey Amminger, who is seeking to break the Junior Men’s Multitrack (Trike) Record in the CO2 vehicle. (Current junior record holder is Florian Kowalik)

Human Power Team Delft/Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

This powerhouse team is back with Velox 8 and two new female riders: Jennifer Breet and Lieke De Cock. They fell just short of the women’s world record (121.8 km/h) last year, by a scant 0.3 kph!

Team Policumbent (Italy)

The team is returning with the battle proven Taurus, which has undergone a year of further testing and refinement.

Andrea Gallo reached this Monday the second absolute best speed ever in qualification (112 km /h) to then set in the evening a speed of 125,05 km/h on the 8 miles track. At WHPSC 2016 Andrea set the Italian speed record of 126.90 km/h.

De La Salle Velo Team (Mexico)

The Mexican team revealed their trike IK 3 (God of wind). They will have two riders: José Luis Ortega, and Christian Arias.

University of Liverpool Velocipede Team (Great Britain)

This team returns with Handcycle Vehicle Arion 4, this time determined to set new records for both men’s and women’s hand cycle. Their riders are Ken Talbot and Karen Darke. Back in 2011, Greg Westlake set the current men’s record of 45.675 mph, but during that week he also did 47 mph into a 7 mph headwind.

IUT Annecy (France)

This very experienced team is back with a brand new bike Altair 6 and a new rider Fabien Canal.

Altair 6 has two hatches. One hatch has a periscope like Altair 5. They also have a camera hatch.

Larry Lem (USA)

Larry brought new bike called Wahoo. He didn’t compete in 2017, and the year before, he came with a camera bike called Super 8.

Team Elan (The Netherlands)

Hans and Ellen are back with Velox XS, and this time they also have a male rider, multiple record holder Matthias König.

Aim 93: London South Bank University (Great Britain)

This is a brand new team, and their bike is a collaboration between LSBU and Mike Burrows. The chassis was designed and built by Mike, and the shell was designed and fabricated at LSBU. It is a one speed bike with landing gear.

The name of the team Aim 93 is aspirational, as their simulations show that their bike could reach a speed of 93 mph, The Guardian wrote. However, they fully acknowledge that they will not reach that goal the first year. They are attending to get experience with running at WHPSC. Their rider, Russell Bridge, was only recently recruited.

Greg Cantori (USA)

Greg is a first time competitor who will be riding a Milan SL velomobile.

Who will be the fastest male rider; there are several strong contenders. Will Delft team finally beat Barbara Buatois’ record? How many people will join the exclusive 80 mph club?

WHPSC 2018 is missing teams from Australia, Japan, Russia, Slovenia, Team Cygnus and some other individual riders (like “Flying Scotsman” Graeme Obree), which traditionally challenge the human power speed record.

Spectators are welcome to this free event each morning from 7 -10 and each evening from 6 -7. The commuter bus leaves the Battle Mountain Civic Center each day at 4:30 and returns at 7:30. Bleachers are located at the timing traps for maximum speed thrills or those curious about the riders and vehicles can wait in the “catch” area to see the racers assisted from their fully enclosed speedbikes. Spectators are encouraged to ride the bus as parking is limited and there is a 1/2 mile walk to the bleachers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend what could be world record setting history!

For more information or press inquires contact Al or Alice Krause, WHPSC event organizers at 707-845-3683 or 707-845-3643 during the event or the Lander County Convention and Tourism Bureau at 775-635-1112.

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