Why Do Our Leaders Want to Dummify and Kill Us?
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Why Do Our Leaders Want to Dummify and Kill Us?


A recent study found that long-term exposure to air pollution leads to reduced cognitive ability. According to the study, pollutants inhaled into the lungs negatively affects males most predominantly. The bigger story, however, is how our own leadership has turned their backs on the wellbeing of citizens. Here’s a brisk look at Trump administration policies in light of citizen wellbeing.

A recent report I read at National Geographic clued me as to just how little our experts in the EPA know about air pollution and its effects on health. While the report is focused on China and the emerging economies, a reversal of policies by the current U.S. administration could take Americans backward health wise.

“The impact of exposure to air pollution on cognitive performance,” shows the transitory and cumulative effects of air pollution exposure on Chinese subjects over time. The China study provides evidence that air pollution may impede cognitive ability, as people become older. As for the U.S. citizens being affected, improvements in air quality in America over several decades may make a  turnabout soon.

News that President Trump plans to relax fuel efficiency standards dramatically will certainly put more dangerous airborne particulates from vehicles into the air mix Americans breathe. On top of this, the Environmental Protection Agency determined that Trump’s new regulations for emissions at coal-burning power plants will cause an additional 1,400 deaths a year, which says nothing about long-term cognitive or general health effects. Unfortunately, American air today is the cleanest it has been in four decades, but new laws will certainly reset this positive trend.

This Mother Jones report from 2015 on air pollution and dementia show further science that should warn our leaders against backtracking on regulations. Polluted air is often riddled with toxic combinations of sulfate, nitrate and ammonium ions, hydrocarbons, and heavy metals which have dangerous effects on humans. Our lungs are amazing organs, with roughly the same surface area as a basketball court. New studies amplify past research showing our capability to absorb micropollutants, and the effects these toxic particles hurt us. The new policies are madness.

Evidence, our government, has gone hog wild in expanding the profits of big energy comes in the form of lunatic evangelism from our president. Donald Trump told West Virginia coal miners recently:

“We love clean, beautiful West Virginia coal. We love it. And you know that’s indestructible stuff. In times of war, in times of conflict, you can blow up those windmills. They fall down real quick. You can blow up those pipelines. They go like this, and you’re not going to fix them too fast. You can do a lot of things to those solar panels. But you know what you can’t hurt? Coal.”

 Trump’s bid to open up America’s exhaust pipes for big energy does not stop in West Virginia. In Texas, the Republican leadership cheered the announcement of the so-called Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule. The legislation will give states broad authority to determine their own regulations pollution from coal-fired power plants. Over twenty other states are on the air quality rollback bandwagon too.

Andrew Dessler, Andrew Dessler is a professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M,

reporting for the Express-News frames the disaster well with “Trump’s dirty environmental policies will echo for ages.” Citing Dessler on the new policies, we are warned of the coming dummification and killing of citizens:

“By 2030, Trump’s dirty power plan could, by the administration’s own admission, kill up to 1,400 Americans every year. In addition, the Trump administration estimates the plan would lead to 120,000 new cases per year of what it describes as “exacerbated asthma,” 48,000 missed school days, 48,000 missed workdays and 300,000 “minor-restricted activity” days by 2030.”

We know Donald Trump’s and Washington’s umbilical connection to big energy. Even if we were not aware, his administration’s EPA and Department of the Interior connections would clue us. The withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, repealing the Obama era offshore exploration statutes, and an almost endless slate of energy lobby wins, spell disaster to our health and the environment. It’s almost as if our own president is trying to either mummify our brains or out and out murder us. What’s worse, given reports of his wealth portfolio containing energy stocks, he may be mixing his fellow American’s health for profit.

This notion should divert the public’s attention away from Russia collusion, but we’ll wait and see. If Trump and his Washington fellows were elected by dumb American, I cannot imagine what we will put in office once our air is “China” quality! Now there’s a scary thought. 

Author: Winston Smith