The Left and Right Were Confronted Again at College Graduation Ceremony
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The Left and Right Were Confronted Again at College Graduation Ceremony



A group of hecklers booed conservative writer and activist Kassy Dillon at the Mount Holyoke College commencement earlier this month. It would have been a celebration of a four-year collegiate journey for Dillon.

But instead when Dillon stepped forward to receive her diploma after her performance on the Todd Starnes Radio Show, a group of 15-20 students proceeded to boo her. It was the radical leftists.

“It’s a very small school, so most of the students knew what my political ideology was, and so during graduation, as I’m watching all the commencement speakers, there’s students already kinda heckling me, and just saying rude things to me. But I was not expecting to get booed” Dillon said.

She noted civil communications is not going well on college campuses, and that’s because the left and the right aren’t communicating because the left has demonized everyone one the right.

Dillon told that during the commencement, students began tweeting at her and criticized her for clapping for commencement speaker and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

“I clapped for her out of respect. It was cool having a big name at my commencement address,” Dillon explained. “I don’t agree with a lot of things she said, but I’m being respectful.”

This incident Dillon received from her fellow classmates surprised even her liberal college professors, who were “shocked” by that.

Author: USA Really